Welcome Spring.

You know spring has sprung in South Philly when Pop’s is open for business.

Pop’s has been making water ice—or as we say in my neighborhood “wooder ice”—for the past 80 years. This stuff is the real deal. Just sugar, ice and real fruit (if applicable), with none of the artificial flavor and oddly creamy consistency that you find at Rita’s.

I’ve been coming here since I was little. We used to ride our bikes over to Pop’s and eat our water ices in the park across the street. Oh, and we used to dip pretzel rods in them, too. That was pretty tasty. Memories.

Chester and I enjoyed our first water ices of the season today. I always get lemon, which was the original water ice flavor, from what I’m told. Chester couldn’t decide, so he had chocolate AND watermelon.

Happy Spring!

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