Weekend Instagrams: Thanksgiving Edition

Is it me, or is 2012 the fastest year ever? It’s hard to believe that the fall is nearly over and we are hurtling full speed ahead to Christmas and New Year’s.

That’s one of the reasons that I appreciate Thanksgiving more and more year after year.  It’s a much needed time out and a reminder to take a few moments to cherish the truly important things in life, like family, food and fun.

Of course, there’s a bit of hard work involved, too. It took me and my mom about seven hours or so to get put everything on our Thanksgiving menu together.

Obviously, I get my inability to take a normal photo from my mom.

My mom’s anxiety over cooking the perfect turkey was at an all time high this year. As usual, her fears were unfounded. The turkey and all of the trimmings were the best we’ve ever had. Of course, we say that every year, but seriously, I think we outdid ourselves this time around.

Getting ready for roasting.

Once everything was ready, it was a a help yourself affair. We aren’t overly formal.

Family gathered around the table

My dessert contribution was pumpkin pound cake. I want to eat it everyday. Note to self: Make more things with buttermilk.

You would think that Mel cooked the entire meal herself.

All that time in the kitchen does make you a little loopy.

Chester and I generally avoid the chaos of Thanksgiving Weekend shopping, in favor of getting our house ready for Christmas. Mission accomplished.

I’m hoping that the magic of Christmas will bring Hello Kitty to life so that we can be best friends.

Getting a new tree this year was the best idea ever. This one doesn’t tilt to the side!

I got a bunch of new food themed ornaments for the tree this year. This one if my favorite, obviously.

Hope your weekend was swell.

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