We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Me, stuffing my face. It's what I do best.

Today, Google told me that today is the 119th Anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae. Since ice cream is my favorite food, this seemed like an auspicious day to start the food blog that I’ve been talking about doing for months now.

I will eat ice cream anytime, anyplace, anywhere. In the summer, I have been known to have ice cream for dinner. If you put a dollop or three of peanut butter (my other weakness. I’ll be entering a twelve-step program soon), you’ve got a healthy protein and calcium packed meal. My favorite kitchen appliance (not that I have many) is my Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker.

Last week, the hubby and I had a weekend getaway to New York City, and I finally had a chance to check out Serendipity 3. I’ve been going to NYC since I was a little girl, but never got around to visiting. The restaurant does take reservations for lunch and dinner, so we were able to get around the hour-plus wait that those wanting dessert only had to deal with. We both had cheeseburgers, which were surprisingly good, but let’s face it, the desserts are the main attraction here.

The dessert menu boasts the restaurant’s signature Frozen Hot Chocolates, cakes, pies, and a fruit cup (why would you even bother?) but the husband and I both decided to go for sundaes. I ordered the Forbidden Broadway Sundae, which featured chocolate blackout cake, hot fudge, whipped cream, and ice cream. He went for the “Coward’s Portion” Banana Split (if what he got was for coward’s I can’t imagine what the real deal looks like).


I died and went to ice cream heaven. The hot fudge melted the vanilla ice cream perfectly, so that it soaked right into the moist chocolate cake. The whipped cream was buttery and not too sweet. I was only able to eat approximately one-quarter of the creation. A travesty. Next time, I’ll brave the wait and have dessert-as-dinner just so I can savor all of the sweetness. Maybe I’ll even have room for a frozen hot chocolate too.


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