This Week for Dinner

How is it Sunday night already?

Probably because I pretty much packed this weekend as full as I possibly could with all kinds of fun stuff, like dinner and a show with Chester last night and fun times crafting all kinds of adorable stuff with my blog buddies, including Bethany, Kate and Shannon, today.

I’ll fill you in on all of that later, but about all I have the energy and brain power for right now is to tell you what we ate for dinner last week.

Shrimp and Penne with Spring Herb Pesto

From: Everyday Food, April 2012

This was very…leafy. I don’t recommend skipping out on the ricotta, because it definitely cut down on some of the earthiness from the parsley and mint combo. When I took the leftovers for lunch, I left out the ricotta and the flavors were totally overwhelming. As a result of this recipe, I have decided that I just do not like sugar snap peas and basil pesto is where it’s at. End of story.  All of the green sure is pretty, though.

Spicy Basil Chicken

From: Cooking Light, April 2012

This is kind of like a stir fry, without vegetables . Although the magazine suggests a side of snow peas (no thanks) and peppers, we just threw in some frozen broccoli to speed up the preparation process.  Our version wasn’t spicy because we left out the chili paste. We try not to buy ingredients that we know we’ll only use for one recipe, but this definitely would have benefited from a bit of a kick.

Chili Garlic Chicken

From: Everyday Food Blog

Martha claims that this is this is similar to chicken adobo, a traditional sweet-and-sour Filipino recipe. Not so much. Yes, friends, I just told you that Martha was wrong about something. Please don’t cry.

It was a pretty tasty dish, but it doesn’t really pass for adobo. Chester should know. He’s been eating adobo forever. It’s also one of the Filipino dishes that I really like (I also like eggrolls, pancit and sweet-and-sour meatballs). Real adobo is pretty sour, but this recipe called for ¼ cup of sugar. Chester cut that down a bit, but the ratio of sugar to vinegar was off. So, along with his much requested mac-and-cheese recipe, I’ll get Chester to share his adobo recipe someday.

I usually pick out pretty good recipes for us each week, but felt a bit “meh” about all of these. Maybe you’ll try them and have better results. Let me know, m’kay?

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