The World According to B


When B was born, I bought a really cute baby book at Paper Source…and then never wrote a word in it. Okay, maybe I wrote a few words in it, but I quickly realized that there just didn’t seem to be enough lines in the book to record it all or capture the things that I really wanted to about her first days, weeks and months. Instead, I started using this space to share all of the details and photos from B’s first two years. It makes me laugh when I look back through the earlier years of this blog and contrast the content from that time with what I’m writing about now. My how things have changed!

Although I haven’t been sharing monthly updates about B since she turned two, I can assure you that she continues to be a true toddler. One of the things that I love most about her these days is that she says the most adorable things. She seems to pick up new words every day and she has quite the sense of humor and impeccable timing in deploying her favorite expressions.

Some of my favorites are:

Her many demands. The ones that we hear most frequently are:

  • “Read it”
  • “Watch it”—when she wants to look at something. We spend a lot of time “watching” the Christmas tree lately
  • “Hold it”—when she wants us to give her something, even if it’s too large to be held in her hand. If we aren’t watching the tree, she’s asking to hold it.
  • “Take a selfie”
  • “Daddy/mommy, listen!”—when she wants us to pay attention to her or a noise that she heard.
  • “Mommy, go potty!”—She knows that I leave the room when I have to go to the bathroom, so she’ll sometimes say this to shoo me away. Usually, it’s because she wants to play with Chester without me interrupting. Relatedly, there’s also “Mommy, go home,” which is what she says when my mom picks her up from my house in the morning and B doesn’t want me to follow them.

“I’m good!”—if you ask her if she wants to eat or do something and she doesn’t want to, she’ll say this. She definitely learned this one from me. She sometimes alternates this expression with “No nap/no Cheerios/no bath, etc. today!” if she is in a fiesty mood.

“Jesus Christ!”—My mom accepts full responsibility for this one. Sometimes, B uses this expression in it’s proper context, like when she drops something on the floor. Other times, she just says it a random, over and over again, in Target.

“Mommy/daddy, hold you”—She hasn’t mastered pronouns yet, so it actually means that she wants me to hold her. It’s so freaking cute.

“What did you do, penguin?”—I can’t quite figure out the orgins of this expression, but my mom has this wooden penguin that B likes to play with and she always asks him this question.

“Watch out, B!”—usually said when she is doing something she knows she isn’t supposed to be doing.

“It’s okay!”—She sometimes gets mildly freaked out by sirens and motorcycles, so we started saying this to her. Now, she says it to us and gives us a hug whenever there’s a loud noise.

“Sounds delicious!”—I particularly like when she uses this to describe combinations that do not sound at all delicious, such as “meatball water. Sounds delicious!”

“You found it!”—she is very proud of us when we give her one of her toys.

“Tracy’s awesome!”

“That’s silly!”

“Say what?!”—which she says with proper inflection, in situations where disbelief is called for.

“B’s happy!”

“Tell mommy/daddy/Ni-Ni”—We’ve been potty training her during the last few months (she is doing great! She can pretty much stay dry all day and is totally comfortable using her little potty. Next step: real toilets) and when she does her thing successfully, she wants us to tell everyone she knows about it. Sometimes, she is so excited that she even wants us to share the good news with inanimate objects, yelling “tell hat/coat/trees”

Incidentally, I took all of the posts from B’s first year and turned them into a book and am in the process of doing the same for her second year posts. So, B still will have an old-fashioned, printed baby book that we can refer to in case the Internet ever goes away. I am glad that I took the time to write all of this stuff down about B and I look forward to doing the same for Baby #2 in just a few short months.


  1. Jesus Christ! B is awesome!

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