The Little Moments

Kurt Vonnegut said “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” As I scroll through the photos we have taken recently, I am reminded of what a valuable piece of advice this can be.

After a somewhat stressful first birthday weekend, we wanted to have a low-key day for just the three of us to be together. We decided to head over to Franklin Square Park for a ride on the carousel.

I placed B atop one of the shiny horses and she grabbed right on. As I held on to her, I could just sense her anticipation as we waited for the ride to start.Birthday_Week-46

When the music started and the carrousel begin to turn, I thought she would be scared. But, when I looked at her, the first thing that I saw on her face was wonder. And, after that, that pure contentment. There is something magical about seeing the world through a little one’s eyes. It doesn’t really take all that much to make them happy. And, in that moment, without cake, balloons or any real fanfare, B looked like the happiest darn baby on the planet. And, that made me the happiest mom on the planet.


Yes. Sometimes the smallest moments really are the best moments.

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