The Friday Five: Christmas Movies

One of my new favorite ornaments. We named him Buddy, just like the Elf.

I was going to share Christmas cookie recipes today, but as soon as a narrow down what I’m going to be baking this year, I come across at least six more recipes that look too good to pass up. As much as I would love to make 20 kinds of cookies, I don’t have the time to do it or an army to feed. Hopefully, I’ll have things narrowed down by next week because I need to get baking!

In the meantime, I’ll share one of my other favorite things about this season: Christmas movies. I love most Christmas themed movies, with the exception of those that appear on the Hallmark or Lifetime channels. I can’t get past the cheesy plotlines and horrible acting.

In no particular order, here are the five movies that I must watch at least once during the season, in order for it to truly feel like Christmas:

Elf: I’ve seen this movie so many times, I’m pretty sure I could recite the whole thing. Will Ferrell’s antics experiencing the real world after being raised by elves at the North Pole makes me laugh out loud every time. This scene where Buddy goes crazy over Santa’s impending arrival at Gimbel’s is one of my favorites.

A Muppet Christmas Carol: There are many great versions of A Christmas Carol out there, but Kermit just makes everything much more fabulous. Michael Caine plays a pretty good Scrooge even though he has to interact with Muppets and there are some great original songs, including this one, sung by the Ghost of Christmas Present (one of my favorite parts is near the opening of this song, about 12 seconds in, when one of the little choir singers gets whacked in the face with a trumpet and a fight ensues. My brother and I used to rewind our tape to watch it over and over. Ah, the days of VHS).

Love, Actually: Since this movie came out in 2003, there have been other attempts at movies with huge all-star casts, telling multiple, interrelated love stories (see: Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve). None of them even come close to being as magical as this one. The Christmas setting (and substantial doses of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant) definitely helps.

Ziggy’s Gift: I feel like not many people know about this one, but it was one of my favorites growing up. Sweet little Ziggy and his dog take a job as a Salvation Army type Santa to collect money from the poor, but has actually gotten himself wrapped up into a “Crooked Santa” scheme. Of course, he actually ends up teaching everyone a lesson about the importance of honesty and kindness along the way. Plus, there is a particularly hilarious scene towards the end where he sets free a bunch of turkeys.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Charlie Brown and his friends remind us of what Christmas is all about. Enough said (Also, they are all better dancers than I am).

What are your favorites?


  1. Lauren,

    How can you forget Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) starring Alastar Sims. This is the greatest performance of Scrooge ever placed on film. Truly a classic.


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