The Friday Five: Birthday Cake!

When my BFF and I were little, we spent quite a bit of time sitting on the front steps, making grand plans for our grown up lives.

We always seemed to focus on what it would be like when we were 30. It seemed so old. But, luckily, it also seemed sooooooo far away.

The time flew. And, all of a sudden, here I am on the final day of my 20s.

I have most of the things that I thought I would have back in the day, like:

A driver’s license (which I had to take five times, because I was a terrible parallel parker. Still am.). And, a car.

And, a husband.

And, good friends.

And, my own house.

And, another living thing that depends on me (Yes, she’s just a cat. And, yes, Chester is also part of the reason she’s still alive. But, I like to think that I’m helping).

I get to go where I want, buy what I want and stay up late (which for me, is about 10:00 p.m. I really live it up).

Oh. And, I have a job.

And, bills.

And, stress.

Those parts are not so fun. But, for the most part, I’m pretty darn lucky.

All that to say: I suppose that I am actually a grown-up.

Even though I still feel like I’m 11 on most days. Is that going to change automatically tomorrow?

Even if it does, I’m looking forward to a celebratory weekend with family and friends, in which I plan to indulge in as much birthday cake as humanly possible. Because that’s always acceptable. No matter how old you get.

These are a few that I wouldn’t mind seeing lit up with an alarming number of candles this year:

  1. Yellow Cake with Fudge Icing (via Saveur): This is by far my favorite birthday cake combination. I used to request it every year and my mom, the self-proclaimed Boxed Cake Queen, always delivered.
  2. Triple Chocolate Cake (via Pellman Foods): This cake has made an appearence at several of my birthday celebrations and can be purchased at Beiler’s Bakery, one of the Amish-run stands at the Reading Terminal Market. Creamy, fudgy icing surrounds four layers of rich chocolate cake. The whole thing is topped off with a ridiculous amount of chocolate curls.
  3. Lemon Cake (via Martha Stewart): As far as cake flavors go, I tend to stick to standard chocolate and vanilla, but would consider departing from the norm for lemon cake.
  4. Funfetti Cake (via the Kitchn): Funfetti still makes me feel like a kid, no matter how old I get.
  5. Pink Ombre Swirl Cake (via Glorious Treats): This is just the most beautiful cake ever!

What’s your favorite birthday treat?

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