The Friday Five: Baking Gadgetry

It’s a good thing that I don’t have a lot of storage space in my house or it would resemble the stock room at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ve professed my love of gadgets before and seem to gravitate towards items that only have one purpose (see also: mini donut maker that I bought a year ago and still haven’t taken out of the box and Zoku Quick Pop Maker). Alton Brown would not be pleased.

As we settle into the prime baking season, there are a few things that I’m seriously considering adding to my collection, whether they have multiple uses or not:

Via Chef’s Catalog

Layer Cake Slicing Kit: I love cakes that are layered with lots of frosting, but I wouldn’t be able to slice the layers evenly to save my life.

Via Chicago Metallic

Batter Dispenser: Last time I made cupcakes, I had a red velvet mess all over the counter when I tried to fill the tray using a cookie scoop.

Via Chicago Metallic

Dessert Bar Pan: These would end up looking so much prettier than when I cut the bars myself (A similar issue to number one, above. Maybe I need to go to a knife skills class?).

Via Williams-Sonoma

Pocket Pie Molds: These are just adorable and could be used for sweet or savory pies.

Via Chicago Metallic

Stuff it Up Pan: I first came across this pan being used in a stuffed pepper recipe, but it would be great for fancy little individual cakes, as well.

What’s are your baking gadget must-haves?


  1. YOU are not helping my online spending habit. I MUST have the cake slicer thingie. People will think I am a cullinary genius, and that is really the most important thing.

    • I’m sorry! Between my addiction to gadgets and pretty tableware, I’m going to bankrupt myself. But, I’m several steps closer to building my dream collection of houseware items a la Martha Stewart. The woman has a room full of dishes.

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