#tbt: Wedding Edition

l and c portrait

This is a big year for Chester and me–ten years together, and five years married, as of today! In honor of this milestone, I put together a little #tbt post about our wedding.

I’m kind of glad that we got married in the dark ages, before Pinterest was a thing. I didn’t feel the pressure to DIY everything or incorporate certain elements just because the Internet told me that they were on trend. I didn’t really have a theme or a color scheme. I just picked out things that I liked and that reflected our style.

There was a ton of pink, the best bridal party that anyone could ask for, family and friends to share in our joy, a dress that made me feel like a princess and a delicious cake (I’m told that the rest of the food was delicious too, but I was too excited to eat anything!). Glen Foerd, a Victorian era mansion located along the Delaware River, provided an amazing backdrop and the rain held out long enough for us to have our outdoor ceremony.

Although the event itself flew by, I remember nearly ever single minute of it like it was yesterday. I wouldn’t change a thing…especially not the person to whom I said “I do!”

Here are a few ton of my favorite photos of the day, as captured by the fabulous Kamila Harris.

chicken dance 2The traditional chicken dance to kick off the festivities.

bridesmaids 2

spanxA true friend will crawl under your wedding dress to fix your Spanx.

mom and l

My mom has never really been into parties, but she got more into planning the wedding than I expected she would. It would not have been as much fun to put everything together without her…

and my aunt



c and parents

L and M 2 He would never admit it, but my brother teared up while walking me down the aisle. I waited until we got until the end to lose it.

L and C Rings

L and C cordWe incorporated a variety of Filipino traditions into the wedding, including the veil and cord ceremony.

l and c flowers

bridal partyThere was a small ditch in the front lawn of the mansion. Chester found it!

dinnerOne of the few moments we sat down all night!

cake smashI promised Chester that I wouldn’t smash cake in his face. I lied.

danceOur first dance was to Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” We took dance lessons to prepare, and its safe to say that we were the worst students that Arthur Miller had ever seen. I think we dropped out halfway through the classes, actually.

RFkOn the other hand, there was our friend Richard, who I’m pretty sure has never taken a dance lesson to perfect his moves. Insane doesn’t even begin to describe his performance. When people talk about our wedding, he never fails to come up in conversation.

carSneaking away at the end of the night

glen foerd

Happy Anniversary, Checkter! Thank you for making sure that B and I have everything we could possibly want and/or need, supporting all of my crazy ideas/hopes/dreams, sharing your ice cream (and seeing through me when I pretend that I don’t want any), putting up with six seasons of Glee (especially towards the end when it was really a hot mess), being the numbers guy because I suck at math and just generally putting up with me day in, day out (for ten years. I really don’t know how you do it. I get tired of me sometimes.). You are my other half and everything is more fun with you by my side. I can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store for us!


  1. Patty Comey says:

    Beautiful photos and memories. As we plan my daughter Meghan’s wedding I can only hope she and Eric have the same wonderful memories at their 5 and 10 year milestones. It is 36 years for Dave and I and I wouldn’t change a thing. Enjoy every minute it goes by in a flash.

    • Thanks, Patty! I am sure you are having a great time planning Meghan’s wedding. Congratulations to her and also to you and Dave on 36 years! I miss having you around Drexel, and hope that retirement is treating you well.

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