Summer Fun



Happy first (official) day of summer!

If you are in and around Philly, like we are, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the warm, long days ahead. We have a few things that we want to check off our list, such as:

1. Hit up the spray parks, since we have a little water-lover on our hands. Although, I also will not refuse a run through a cool sprinkler on a hot day.


2. Eat lots of ice cream. We’ll have to stop by our old favorites like Bassett’s in the Reading Terminal and Franklin Fountain, but there are a few new spots, like Big Gay Ice Cream and the new Passyunk Avenue location of Philly Flavors, to check out. When we get tired of ice cream, there’s always water ice at Pop’s!

3. Spend an afternoon at Franklin Square Park. We had such fun when we went last year that we want to make this a little birthday tradition for B. Hopefully, she won’t mind posing on the carousel for photos each year so we can see how much she has changed!

4. Visit as many of the cool outdoor spaces as possible, especially since some of them are only around for a limited time. Spruce Street Harbor Park was a lot of fun last year and definitely worth a re-visit (although I wish B was old enough for the roller skating rink!), but the Oval, the PHS pop-up gardens and Sister Cities Park also look like fun.


5. Spend a day at the beach. Chester and I aren’t really beach people, but we do like to dip our toes in the water and eat junk food on the boardwalk. A great time was had by all last year, and I’m sure B will be even more into it this time around.

6. Check out the Tall Ships Challenge, mostly so that we can see the World’s Largest Rubber Duck.

7. See some fireworks. We skipped this last year because B was still so little, but I think she might be into them this year. We don’t have to travel far for them, as we can see them from our house when they have them at Citizens Bank Park after a Phillies’ game.


8. Speaking of the Phillies–go to a baseball game. Yes, the team is terrible, but that means the tickets are cheap. Plus, Chester will want to see the Cubs when they are in town later in the summer.

9. Go to the zoo. We have a membership here, so making at least one visit is pretty much a given. It’s just a matter of finding a day that’s not blazing hot. The zoo is so not enjoyable on those kinds of days.

10. Escape to the ‘burbs. I know, I know. I’ve just been going on about all of the fun things to do in the city, but we are just a short ride from some great places to spend a summer day, like Longwood Gardens, New Hope and Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey.

11. Check out museum exhibitions. These might not be the most B-friendly activities, but Chester and I would like to check out the Genghis Kahn exhibition at the Franklin institute and Discovering the Impressionists at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Hopefully Granny won’t mind hanging with B while we have a couple of date days!

That’s all I can think of for now, although I’m sure we will add more adventures along the way. Summer has a way of getting pretty busy!

What’s on your summer bucket list this year?

All photos in this post from a run through the sprinklers last week at the Camden Children’s Garden.

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