Restaurant Review: Cochon for Brunch

Yesterday, I woke up with a major craving for pancakes and convinced Chester that we needed to go to the diner. Somehow, he interpreted pancakes as “pork” and suggested that we go to Cochon.

You might remember that we fell in love with Cochon after having dinner there back in December.  Even prior to that, we had heard rave reviews about its brunch while waiting for a table at Morning Glory awhile back. So, despite this seemingly complete disconnect in our breakfast preferences, it only took me about three seconds to totally forget that I had been craving carbs and maple syrup.

I made a reservation through Open Table (mostly because I like to accumulate the points), but when we arrived it was clear that this is probably the only South Philly brunch establishment where reservations are not a must and there most likely will not be a wait for a table. This absolutely is not a reflection on the food, but more likely a function of the fact that the menu appeals to a much narrower segment of the population—namely, those who love pork and pork products.. Even the French toast is infused with pork (andouille sausage, to be exact).

Sure, you’ll find a crab frittata in entrée list and pancakes as a side order option. But, the real reason to go is dishes like these:

The Eggs Cochon (on the top), includes slow roasted pork shoulder that comes apart with a fork, just like pulled pork. The runny yolks from two poached eggs and a cheesy Mornay sauce are the perfect complement to a crumbly biscuit, studded with bits of cheddar and bacon. Or, there’s the tender Berkshire ham chop, which is smoked and topped with a sweet, maple-citrus syrup. And, since Cochon is BYOB, you can enhance your food coma if you want by bringing some vodka to add to the restaurant’s Bloody Mary mixes or some champagne to add to its freshly squeezed orange juice.

It’s not health food by any stretch of the imagination and it will leave you feeling like you could sleep for days afterward. That’s why it’s the perfect Sunday brunch. Or, the cure for the world’s worst hangover. In short, for a lazy day, Cochon is the breakfast of champions.

Note: Cochon is cash-only

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