Restaurant (Delivery) Review: Circles

After the first week back to work after the holiday (which seemed to go on forever even though it was only four days long), all I wanted to do to kick off the weekend was throw on my comfy clothes, park myself on the couch and watch the first season of Downton Abbey (my new obsession) on Netflix. But, the prospect of ordering yet another pizza or sub-par Chinese food was less than appealing. So, I was thrilled when Chester learned that Circles, a Thai restaurant in the Newbold (i.e. Point Breeze. When we were house hunting a couple of years ago, our real estate agent said she had a few clients “pioneering” in this area. In other words, it’s improving, but still a bit sketch) area, delivers to our neck of the woods.

Although Circles charges a $3 delivery fee, the total bill for both of our meals was just under $40. This is on-par with what we would pay at Lemon Grass, our regular destination for Thai, but the food was far superior. Plus, the 45-minute delivery time that we were quoted on the phone was pretty accurate, so everything arrived as piping hot as if we were sitting at the restaurant.

I got one of my favorite dishes, coconut milk soup, which was full of fresh mushrooms as well as crisp carrots and green beans. There was a substantial amount of lime in the soup, which I didn’t mind since I like the acidity of citrus (random trivia about me: I can eat an entire lemon by itself). Seafood, shrimp, or chicken can be added to the soup, but I stuck with just the veggies since I had chicken in my main course—the pumpkin curry, which also included ample amounts of bell peppers, basil, and Kabocha pumpkin. The latter is a Japanese vegetable that is moister than a standard orange pumpkin and has an interesting flavor that’s a cross between a sweet potato and a butternut squash. It packed a lot of heat—I could feel my lips swelling up as I ate—but I really liked it.

Chester chose the crab rangoon for his appetizer. Instead of being just plain, the cream cheese filling was seasoned with a pretty substantial amount of curry. This did make it a bit difficult to pick out any hints of crab, but it was pretty tasty. A side of sweet plum sauce helped to tone down the heat a little bit. Chester declared that his beef pad thai was one of the best versions he has ever had. I’m not the biggest pad thai fan, but I have to agree that it was pretty outstanding. The beef was very tender and well seasoned. Each bite had just the right amount of peanut flavor, but the dish swimming in sauce like some versions I have sampled.

If you don’t live in South Philly, Circles is opening a second location in Northern Liberties this year, which will hopefully deliver to your neighborhood as well. Now, if more places like Circles would deliver, we might never leave our house on weekend nights again

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