Nursery Inspiration

Way before I got pregnant, I started collecting ideas for a travel-themed nursery. Since Chester and I hope to pass on our love of seeing the world to our future children, I thought it would be a good to introduce the idea early on.

In theory, decorating the nursery should be one of the more simple, fun parts of pregnancy. After all, people used to clear out dresser drawers and use them as cribs, so it stands to reason that as long as the baby has a comfortable place to sleep, it isn’t going to care what color the walls are or what the shelving looks like.

Now, let me tell you the reality of nursery planning.

It’s kind of stressful.

There are so many options for baby furniture, bedding and accessories and somehow all of the people on Pinterest have managed to put them all together to create rooms that look like they came out of a magazine. And, since I don’t really think I have a knack for interior design, I’m totally overwhelmed by it all.

Fortunately, it has been a bit easier to sift through everything now that I know I’ll be decorating a space for a little girl. Travel is still the overall theme for the room, but I’m leaning towards more of a vintage look and feel, as opposed to the more modern colors and patterns that I was focused on before I knew ET’s gender.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t go back and forth every five minutes about everything from paint, to furniture to curtains, but there are a few things that I’m definitely loving for the nursery…at the moment:

Mosaic Paisley Crib Bedding (From Land of Nod)

I’m thinking this set below would go well with the pink/yellow/white color scheme I’m currently leaning towards.


Illustrations by Loxly Hollow (via Etsy)

I love the old-fashioned feel of this artist’s illustrations, and, luckily, she’s got plenty of options that fit in with a travel theme.

Paris printMap Letters

Urban Outfitters was selling these awhile back, but this would be a fairly easy DIY. Thinking about doing one in for the baby’s first initial.

map letter

Hot Air Balloons (from Hanging Mobile Gallery)

Could be a cute option for above the crib.

hot air balloons

Vintage Suitcases (via Amazon)

These could double both as decor and storage for toys, books or other small items.


We’ll really be digging into this project after we get back from vacation in early June, and I’m excited to see how everything comes together.


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