Little B: 23 Months


The countdown to two continues! Here is our second to last monthly round-up of all that’s new in Little B’s world!



How you doin’?

Oh, some days are difficult. Let’s just say she’s…spirited. She loves jumping on the furniture, yelling and expressing her very strong opinions about what she likes and doesn’t like.


Granny sleepover

Baby’s first sleepover

B spent her first night away from us with a sleepover at Granny’s while Chester and I went to one of my work-related events. She had a great time going to Saturday mass, blowing bubbles with the neighbors on the step after 8 p.m. and watching Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire on TV before bed. It was so strange to come home to an empty house that night! I had grand plans of sleeping late the next day, but of course that didn’t happen since I have apparently become automatically programmed to wake up before 6 a.m. since becoming a parent.


Lots and lots of new words, everyday! We definitely need to be mindful of what we say, since she seems to have added “damn” to her vocabulary. She also has an adorable habit of adding an “s” to and exaggerating some words (for example, “puppieshhhh” when she means puppies or “pleashhhe” when she says please). She is also recognizing many letters of the alphabet (aside from her long-time favorite “B.”) and “sings” lots of songs. The two of us have been doing a mean duet on “You Are My Sunshine.”

Favorite things

Her Alpha-Pup toy—we play with this every single morning.

Least favorite things

Lately, it’s a challenge to convince her to get dressed most mornings.

Favorite Books

You Are My I Love You

Fun experiences



She met Clifford, one of her favorite book/TV characters, at the Please Touch Museum. She was so excited as we waited in line, but I was unsure of how she would react once she was up close and personal with the big red dog. I needn’t have worried about a meltdown as she ran right up to him and gave him a weird hug/belly grab before posing for a few photos.

We can’t wait to celebrate the big “2” at the end of the month!

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