Little B: 19 Months


I feel like I don’t have a ton of major updates to share this month, but I do know that our Little B seems to wake up cuter—and bigger—than the day before!


Two more teeth, her top canines, appeared this month. They looked like little vampire fangs as they were coming in, and it was adorable, of course!


She loves carrying things up and down the stairs and thinks it’s hysterical to throw things down from the top of the steps. She really likes to “help” around the house lately, whether it’s by putting her toys away or handing her plate over when she is all done with her food.


Her newest word this month is “wuv” (love). She also loves saying “choo-choo” and “beep-beep” when she sees trains or cars. She babbles constantly. The way she strings sounds together makes me think that she is on her way to putting actual words together.


Strong-willed! If she doesn’t want to do something, like put on her shoes or a jacket, it can become quite the battle.

Favorite Things

Play food; stack rings; shape sorter; flash cards; baby doll and stroller; shoes; washing her hands at the sink; being tickled.

Favorite Songs

You’re a Grand Old Flag. She has a Duplo playset that is circus themed and she is obsessed with the two flags that came with it. So, I started singing this song to her and now she waves the flags around whenever she wants me to sing it. If I leave the words out, she’ll fill in the blanks (She is very dramatic about it when she says “brave!”)

Favorite Books

Lately, she really likes looking at photo books. Her particular favorite is a collection of all of the photos from her first birthday. She likes to look at the photos that feature the presents that she received and then she runs around the room pointing them out to us.

Least Favorite Things

When I wear glasses or pull my hair back; when I leave the room—I can’t even get away for a solo trip to the bathroom; bedtime—as soon as we finish our stories and shut out the lights, her lip starts to quiver and sometimes a few silent tears fall. She usually goes down with minimal fuss, but I think she just gets sad that the fun is over for the day; headbands or barrettes of any kind.


Mom bday

She will never refuse a sweet treat. Here she is, scarfing a Termini’s cupcake at my mom and aunt’s birthday celebration

She is picky, picky, picky. Even the things that used to be favorites, like sweet potatoes and bananas, get tossed to the floor lately. Her current obsessions are grilled cheese and peanut butter. She is an absolute fiend, when it comes to the latter—and we all know where she gets that from, right? She knows the exact cabinet where it is kept at both our house and my mom’s and often gets the jar out herself. She loves it on toast, crackers and straight from the spoon. I’m so proud!

Fun Experiences

We did a Saint Patrick’s Day photo shoot. She was really into throwing the coins around!




Now that Spring is finally here, there’s much more fun to be had! We can’t wait to go out exploring with our little adventurer!

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