Little B: 14 Months


As usual, we have had a busy month! Here are a few of the highlights:


We have made only the tiniest bit of progress on the walking front. When B is cruising along on the furniture, she will let go and fling herself to the closest item (this happens frequently between our couch and the coffee table, which are situated pretty close together). If we can convince her to let go of our hands, she will do so for very brief periods of time.

All told, I think she has taken approximately four steps unassisted. So, I know she can walk, but she just seems scared to do it alone. She gets quite upset when we encourage her to go on her own, so I am just trying to be patient and wait for her to be ready. But, it is frustrating that she won’t just get going already!

She loves to imitate what the grown-ups are doing, such as putting shoes on, brushing hair, or gesturing “come here” to the dogs in the family.


I have kind of lost track of the new words that she has said. It seems they are coming at a rapid rate, although she will sometimes say something once and then I will never hear it again (this has occurred with the words “butter” and “out,” most recently). She also will respond when we ask her what the cat says, although is sounds more like “woah” than “meow.” Other than that, she seems to just love the sound of her own voice in general, based on the fact that she yells…a lot.


We have had some teething issues, as she is getting a new tooth on the bottom, but generally, she has been pretty happy. When she isn’t though, she makes sure that we know about it. At times, she is downright demanding. As previously mentioned, she hates when we encourage her to walk on her own. There have been many tantrums on the floor when we let go of her hands or refuse to hand her an item that she has spotted from across the room.

She has been pretty social lately and while she still has her favorite people and loves a routine, she is doing much better around strangers and friends/family that she doesn’t see often.


As of October 21st, our household is now a bottle-free zone!

Although B would willingly drink from a straw cup at meals, she seemed to be clinging to her morning and late afternoon bottles. And, by clinging, I mean she would throw a screaming fit if we tried to offer her a drink in a cup at those times. So, I was gearing up for a long battle to break the bottle habit.

But, one morning I decided to try putting her milk in a cup again just to see what happened. My expectations were low as I set it on her tray. She picked it up, sucked it down in five minutes and hasn’t looked back since.

While I am glad she gave up the bottle willingly (and that I don’t have to tote them around when we go out anymore), I do kind of miss the quiet, still moments that those feedings used to give us. And, I wish I had known that the last bottle that I gave B was going to be the final one. I would have savored those little moments more.

Favorite Books

We took our first trip to the library this month and B was pretty proud to receive her very own library card and choose three books from the shelves.

There were several books that B has requested that we read over and over again during the last few weeks. As soon as I close the cover of these new favorites, she does this adorable thing where she grabs the book and places it in my hand as a signal that she wanted me to read it again. I have now memorized Arthur’s Halloween, Where the Wild Things Are, Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy, Edgar Gets Ready for Bed and The Watermelon Seed. It is adorable to see B participating in some of the stories, shaking her head “No” like Max does when the wild things ask him to stay and saying “Boo” when the author describes the faces on Pippa’s pumpkins.

Favorite Foods

Meatloaf with cheese melted on top; Granny’s meatballs; mini penne pasta (I’m glad she has identified another pasta shape that is acceptable); peanut butter toast; pumpkin muffins.

Favorite Things

Elmo, Elmo, Elmo. She wakes up asking for him and can spot him three feet away on the packages of baby food and toothpaste on the shelves at Target. She is completely and utterly obsessed, just like every other kid I’ve ever met.


At lunch in Charleston with her BFF

She has also been slightly less crazed when we give her a bath and brush her teeth. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that these are her favorite activities, but there are definitely fewer tears associated with these things lately!

Least Favorite Things

Now that it’s colder, B has made her hatred of socks and long sleeved shirts known. She is taking after both me and her Uncle Mike, respectively, on these fronts.

We still aren’t doing to well on the green vegetable front, with the exception of the occasional pea. I’ve tried to sneak broccoli into other foods that she likes (like eggs), but she knows when they are hiding in there.

Fun Experiences

Our trip to Charleston was one of the main highlights of the month. I have been sharing all the details over the course of several posts (here, here and here, with one more to come), but I think you can tell from the photos that B had a great time exploring and eating. She is an excellent travel buddy and we can’t wait for our next adventure.

The rest of the month was filled with all of the typical fall festivities, including a visit to Linvilla Orchards and a trip outside the city to take in the fall foliage in Bucks County.


Loving the wind in her hair, as we took in the fall foliage from Bowman’s Hill Tower


What a View!

The weekend before Halloween, we tried to do a Halloween photo shoot with B and Tracy and it was not a success. Although Tracy, made a adorable carrot, B was the most miserable bunny anyone had ever seen.


The headpiece conceals the tears.


 Our other baby is such a good sport!

We still celebrated the occasion by going to “Boo at the Zoo.” It was a really adorable event complete with trick-or-treating, a costume parade and other kid-friendly activities. We didn’t torture B by putting her in costume, so she fully enjoyed the experience of collecting treats, peeping at the polar bears and giraffes and chasing the ducks.




Other than that, our Halloween celebrations were pretty low-key. We skipped trick-or-treating in favor of watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and repeated recitations of Pippa, the Pumpkin Fairy. 

I am so looking forward to all of the festivities of the upcoming holiday season, including B’s first taste of Thanksgiving dinner later this month. Crazy to think that she wasn’t even eating solid foods this time last year!

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