Little B: 13 Months


I’m excited to kick off the second year of B’s monthly updates. Let’s not dwell on the fact that she turned 13 months old almost two weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting this—life has been busy!

Although B changed so quickly during her first year, the transition between 12 and 13 months was the most dramatic, in my opinion. It seemed like she went from baby to toddler overnight. She says and does so much and her personality is really shining through.

Here are a few of this month’s highlights:



From the photo shoot blooper reel. This kid cannot sit still!

As I have been saying for a couple of months, she is this close to walking. Seriously, though. I mean it this time! She is still cruising around like a champ, but she can stand and balance on her own for a good ten seconds without holding on to anything. It’s only a matter of time!


I love hearing her sweet little voice and am surprised by how many words she can clearly enunciate. New ones this month include “up,” “apple,” and “Elmo,” “all done” and a pretty good approximation of her name.

She makes an effort to sound out new words and understands even more things than she can actually say. For example, if we say “where are B’s toes/fingers” she proudly holds them up. She has learned how to click her tongue and the sound seems to thrill her. She has also developed a cute little habit in which she will point back and forth from herself to any object that she is interested in, as if to say “Will you give that to me?”


She is still our “Bipolar Express.” When she is happy, she can’t stop laughing When she is angry, she will punch you in the face (it’s happened to me!). She can also be super playful. She loves chasing us around the house, laughing insanely the entire time. Sometimes, she will play jokes on us by pretending to offer us food, a toy or a kiss before changing her mind.


Four teeth (all on top) came in during a two week span. That makes a grand total of 6!

She is down to one nap a day, in the morning. The length of time is still completely unpredictable, sometimes sleeping for 30 minutes, other times for 2 hours.

sleeping in bed

Favorite napping place: Mom and Dad’s bed

She got measured for her first pair of real shoes (she is a 4.5…for now). She was none too pleased when they were first on her feet, but started strutting around and showing them off in no time.


Showing off her new kicks.

Shortly after getting them, she started training for a career as a tap dancer.

Favorite Books


 A typical morning. 

Books seem to capture her attention more than toys, but she particularly loves Goodnight Moon (she knows exactly where it is on the bookshelf and points to it until we take it out to read at bedtime); Five Little Pumpkins; anything with a mirror in it, so that she can give the baby in the mirror a kiss (at the moment, I Love You Little Pumpkin  and Guess Who? are in heavy rotation)anything in the Curious George series.

Favorite Foods

Anything the adults are eating; Cheerios (always and forever); roasted sweet potatoes; ricotta fritters; ditalini pasta (yes, only this particular shape); yogurt; peas; eggs; toast with cream cheese and fruit; prunes. She has fully transitioned to whole milk, and for the most part it agrees with her (on the days that it doesn’t we are glad that she likes those prunes!). Her appetite varies throughout the day. Sometimes, she eats everything we put in front of her and other times everything ends up on the floor. She usually eats best at breakfast and lunch and it’s hit or miss at dinner time.

Favorite songs

She is still a huge fan of music and dancing. If Your’re Happy and You Know It; The Wheels on the Bus never fail to get her moving. Alarmingly, she also seems to be a fan of songs/rhymes that involve violence and injuries, such as Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill.

Favorite Things

Musical instruments, especially the piano and ride-on zebra she got for her birthday; The stuffed panda that Auntie B brought home from China; pumpkins; all animals, even though she still thinks every creature she sees is a dog; getting her nails filed (I can’t wait to have a new salon buddy in a couple of years).


Cuddling after story time with panda

Least Favorite Things

Getting a bath; having her clothes/diaper changed; having her teeth brushed; headbands/hats–basically anything on her head, which is a shame because she look so stinking cute with accessories.

Fun Experiences

We took her on her first trip to Philly’s Magic Gardens. She loves colors and mirrors, so I figured she would enjoy it. And, she did! She loved breaking in her new shoes on all the cool tiles.





We also took her on a little vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, where we spent a few days exploring the city and surrounding plantations and eating delicious food. She was the perfect travel buddy and I have more to say about our trip in a separate post!

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