Little B: 11 Months


Well, it’s time for our last monthly update before Little B turns one. I’m excited to celebrate her big day at the end of this month, but in denial that it’s actually happening. This year has flown by.


Crusin’ along on her first Fourth of July

This month, she learned how to sit down from a standing position and she can bend over and pick up a toy while standing. I thought for sure that when she started to push her walker around the house last month that she would be off and running in no time. But, she is still mostly sticking to crawling. I think it’s because she has realized that it will get her to where she wants to be in the least amount of time. I don’t feel bad on the days that I don’t make it to the gym, because I can stay in shape just chasing her around the house and trailing behind her as she climbs the stairs. (Speaking of which, she made it all the way to the second floor the other day! I’m not sure where she got this daredevil-ish streak—certainly not from her parents!).


Hanging out at her favorite spot in the house.

She points at everything she is interested in or that she wants, so we have taken that as an opportunity to continue introducing new words. She is really good at mimicking sounds, and now seems to say things that resemble bear, ball, baby, dog and Tracy (well, for the most part, B still calls Tracy Eddy, but every so often, an “Acey” sneaks out). She is also getting pretty good at responding to simple commands, such as “come here,” “roll the ball” or “do nice [pet] to Tracy.” I started introducing “share” recently, to get her to give me things that I would rather her not play with (like my phone). So far, she has been selectively cooperating with that one, but it’s never too early to try, right?


Eddy + B = BFF

B also seems to have quite the sense of humor. A few weeks ago, she started blowing raspberries on our arms and it cracked us up. Now, she does it whenever she wants to get a laugh out of us. She has also been super affectionate lately. I just melt whenever she puts her head on my shoulder and gives me a snuggle or when I ask her to give me a “hug,” and she sweetly touches her forehead to mine. As you might imagine, it gets harder and harder to leave the house in the morning.


Pool time!

Unfortunately, there have also been some cranky moments this month, due to teething. She still just has those two bottom, front teeth, but it seems that some of the top and side choppers are trying to make their way in. She doesn’t seem to be a big fan of teethers, but she does like sinking her gums into my arm, which is surprisingly painful and has left me covered in black-and-blue marks.

Her favorite things this month have been picture books, her big, pink ball and the Ballapalooza. She enjoys putting objects in containers, and on occasion has even been able to put the blocks in the right places in her shape sorter. Her dislikes have been pretty consistent for a while. They include having her diaper changed, her face/hands washed and strangers.

Our mini sleep regression from last month seems to have corrected itself, as she is sleeping until 6 a.m. pretty consistently. She is pretty much still a two nap a day gal, although sometimes she will skip her afternoon snooze. She is so much happier in the evening when she takes it though! I can tell that she gets tired during the part of the day, but it is getting so hard to pull her away from her activities. I think she thinks that she is going to miss something.

Some of her favorite foods this month have included peaches, eggs, this orzo salad (which my mom made, minus the chicken and goat cheese, as a side dish for her Fourth of July barbecue. B scooped it up by the handful), and toast, spread with cream cheese or fruit. I am surprised by how many herbs and spices (including cinnamon, oregano, basil and garlic) she seems to enjoy and I hope she will continue to be an adventurous eater! If she could talk, I’m sure she would say that the highlights of her culinary explorations this month were sampling ice cream and pizza at the beach and digging in to her very own plate of mini pancakes at a recent brunch with friends. She is still getting pureed solids, but she seems less and less interested in them as the days go by and is eager to help herself to whatever is on our plates. She is also getting pretty good with a spoon to scoop up food. Sometimes, she ends up putting the handle in her mouth, but at least she has the right idea!


Alright, I guess I can’t put it off any longer. Time to finish planning that first birthday bash!

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