On the Road: Town Hopping in Tuscany

Tuscany may be one of my favorite places ever.

We’ve been out and about exploring small towns for the last few days and each one is more charming and has more beautiful views than the last. The only drawback is that it has been raining off and on throughout the day, sometimes very heavily, but we are making the best of it. We purchased attractive ponchos and I’ve been singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” in full Annie voice. It seems to help, and I know Chester is a huge fan of my vocal talents.

Yesterday, we stopped in Volterra, which is located way, way high up on top of a mountain.


Several scenes for New Moon were filmed in this gorgeous town. Sadly, I did not see anyone resembling Edward Cullen anywhere around. Some enterprising street performer could make a killing posing for photos with tourists.

Today, we were in Siena. We climbed up to the top of the bell tower at the city hall. It was windy and cold, but once again the views were amazing. We’ve probably climbed more than 1,000 stairs on this trip so far, but that’s how I justify my frequent gelato stops.


Our last day in Tuscany before heading to Venice is tomorrow and we are hoping that the weather cooperates so that we can just sit out and enjoy the farm. I have pretty much decided that I  would take this over a beach vacation any day.

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