On the Road: Rome, Part 1

We arrived in Rome yesterday morning. Our first stop after dropping our bags off at our cute little place near Vatican City was to get pizza. It was just as amazing as I remembered it from my first visit seven years ago. It has the most perfect crust–thin and crispy, like a cracker. Later on, we had gelato from Giolitti, which is a shop that has been located near the Pantheon for many years. I love me some Capogiro, but I don’t understand how it has been named best place to eat gelato in the world when this place exists.

As you can tell, we are having a pretty good time so far. We did some sight seeing too, although we were in a bit of a jet lagged induced haze and may or may not have dozed off on the top deck of the tour bus. The photo above is from the piazza at the Musei Captolini, where they have a pretty cool exhibit with some of the items from the Vatican’s Secret Archives, including the indictment against Galileo and Henry VIII’s letter to Pope Clement VII  asking for a divorce from Katherine of Aragon. I recommend it if you find yourself in Rome before September.

Speaking of the Vatican, that’s where we are headed today. More later!

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