On the Road: Rome, Part 2

I am a terrible Catholic, but I love visiting churches: Especially the churches in Europe. They are just so spectacular. When I was growing up, my parish church had green shag carpeting on the altar. I have yet to find anything similar over here. Thank goodness.

Vatican City is pretty much a must when you visit Rome. Perhaps it even helps those terrible Catholics among us score a few extra points. I can only hope.

We started the day off yesterday at the Vatican Museums. It’s kind of like the Louvre in that it is filled with so much art you don’t know where to look first. Of course, the highlight is the Sistine Chapel. It’s crowded; but try to elbow your way through the crowds to just stand in the center and look up.

Equally spectacular is that Chester believes that he found Chase Utley of the Phillies in tapestry form. Could it be? You decide:

And that, friends is just a small example of why I am a terrible Catholic.

Then, it was off to St. Peter’s Basilica (photo above). In addition to the Church itself, Chester had found out that you can take a tour of the Scavi, the underground necropolis where the bones of St. Peter were supposedly buried. It was really amazing how well preserved the site is and to hear the story of how they uncovered the bones after centuries of them being
hidden. You need to purchase tickets in advance, but it is well worth it.

We ended our day with a long walk home from dinner, to see all of the sites, like Castle Santangelo, looking all pretty.

We don’t look too bad either.

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