On the Road: Down on the Farm in San Gimignano and a Visit to Pisa

Well, friends, we made it to the countryside. I am writing this from a farm near San Gimignano in Tuscany, where we are staying for the next few days. This is my view at the moment:


Seriously. I may never leave. It’s pretty frickin’ amazing.

Before you start with the jokes about how I’m not cut out for roughing it, this place is totally modern. It has a real bathroom and electricity (not like that one–and only–time I went camping. But, I can hear farm animals from time to time and last night I looked up and saw hundreds of stars. That I can handle.

The nice thing about this part of the trip is that we’ve been in busy cities for the last week, and this is so much more relaxed. We have our own kitchen so we can buy our food from the market and cook it instead of eating in a restaurant.

We are driving distance from a bunch of small towns, that can be explored easily in a few hours time. Can you guess where we went today?


Climbing to the top of the tower is pretty cool. You seriously can feel it leaning to one side, and when you come down, it takes awhile to be able to walk and stand straight again. It was the oddest feeling!

Yes, we took the typical touristy photo of ourselves pretending to hold it up. But, that’s on my real camera, so for now, you will have to settle for this shot of us at the top:



  1. so how was that earthquake?!?

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