Alice: 22 and 23 Months

22 months

At this point, I think it goes without saying that I’ve done a pretty crappy job of keeping up with Alice’s updates. We take the photo pretty much on time ever month, but it gets harder and hard to find the time to put together the words that go with them. At least this time around, I can blame the craziness of the holiday season and subsequent hung over feeling that followed, right?

23 months and currently obsessed with dishtowels

Christmas was just so much fun this year, so that seems like a good place to start this post. Both of the girls were super into all things festive, from the decorations, to the movies (they can recite portions of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf and Frosty the Snowman from memory) to the songs, and we’ve got plenty of photos to prove it.
                                       Twinning with her big sis at Brunch with Santa at Drexel

Definitely wanted no parts of Santa or Mario the Dragon…

…Happy to eat all of the sugar, however.

Taking advantage of an early December snowfall to snap our Christmas card photos

“Mr. Ginch” was another seasonal obsession

Annual trip to Macy’s Center City for the Light Show…I promise they were happy about it!Teamwork to make Santa’s cookies

Twinning again on Christmas Eve
Still half asleep, surveying Christmas morning spoils

Hanging out in one of their joint gifts from Santa, a princess tent

Technically, a gift from Santa, to B. But, they are both enjoying the world of Calico Critters

Christmas is exhausting for all involved. Good thing Tracy got a new bed to lounge on.

Her (and her sister’s) smile is the best gift ever!

One of the things that I love most about Allie lately is her hair. I had begun to think that it was never going to start growing out, but in the last couple of months, it has finally become long enough to style. Doesn’t she look just like Boo from Monsters, Inc?!

Allie’s current obsessions include babies (she loves interacting with them, although she’s very clear that she does not want a baby brother or sister to join her at home) food (eating it, and talking about it. If you ask her what any of her stuffed animals are named, chances are she’ll tell you carrot, pizza or something similar), and sleep. We’ve been lucky that both of our girls have been good night time sleepers, but Alice also loves to sleep in, in the mornings, or take two hour-plus afternoon naps. She loves to sleep with the covers over her head, and she is none to happy if we have to pull them off her to rouse her from a slumber.

Alice’s flair for the dramatic and for telling people exactly what’s on her mind seems to become more pronounced as she gets older, too. She can keep up with just about any conversation, and I love when she chimes in from the backseat of the car when the people in front are talking about absolutely nothing that relates to her at all–she just has to have something to say. She has picked up some of her sister’s snappy comebacks and propensity for turning on her heel and throwing a “Bye!” over her shoulder at us if we ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do or tell her something that she doesn’t want to hear.


She is also becoming Little Miss Independent. She tries to do a lot for herself, like taking off/putting on her own clothes, opening the bathroom door, brushing her teeth and carrying ten times her own weight in toys. She isn’t always successful, but I do love that she is so determined!

How is she already doing the big girl swings?!

For the most part, Alice and B get along like the best of friends, although now that their interests in toys and activities are pretty similar, they have their fair share of clashes over who has to share what. Mostly, I just let them work it out for themselves and only intervene in their disagreements if it looks like things might end in bloodshed. So far, this seems to have worked out pretty well. And, it is a beautiful thing that they will mostly play nicely together and don’t need to rely on me for 100 percent of their entertainment.

Next time you hear about Alice, she’ll be TWO. I couldn’t decide on a party theme, so I wrote my ideas on scraps of paper and let her pick it out of a bowl. I’m pretty happy with where we ended up, and I think she will be, too!

Alice: 20 and 21 Months

20 months

The plus side about these posts being so far behind is that I have lots of fun photos of the last couple of months to share! The worst part is that someday Alice will compare the painstaking level of detail with which I chronicled her sister’s every move and  will wonder why I could barely even keep track of the number of teeth that she had at any given time, resorting to sweeping generalizations like “several.”

But, I digress.

Last time around, I noted how Alice’s favorite phrase is “I don’t wanna.” She’s super coordinated, so now she’s able to pair that statement with the ability to run pretty fast, so things like getting her dressed in the morning are an Olympic sport.

Her strategy for avoiding me seems to be to back herself into a corner, which as you can imagine, doesn’t work out so well.

21 months

Like, just about everything in life, this reduces her to tears. I really thought that once her communication skills were more established she wouldn’t be so dramatic. But, that has not been the case at all. Sometimes, I just throw up my hands and say “Do you ever stop crying?” To which B usually offers a resounding “No!”, on her sister’s behalf.

The good part about her emotional nature, I suppose, is that she already seems to be a pretty empathetic little person. If B is crying, Alice is the first to stop what she is doing, pat B on the arm and say “Bid-gee cry? It’s okay, Bid-gee.”

Other phrases in heavy rotation for her this month include “Mommy (or daddy, or Bidgee)! Look!” and  “Oh my God!” which she often uses in the appropriate context. She also may be part ninja, because try as I might to stealthily sneak some chocolate out of the cabinet from time to time, it never fails that I’ll find her standing behind me as I close the cabinet, asking “Whatcha eatin’, mama?”

I love that she has also discovered how to whisper, although most of the time she does it for no good reason…and that’s probably what makes it so completely adorable. She has also been working hard on learning the alphabet, how to count up to ten and colors.

Monkey see, monkey do.

We continue to do well on the potty training front, and she has racked up many days of dry pants at this point. Still, we aren’t ready to declare the house a diaper free zone, but I’m hoping some of our extra time off around the holidays will allow us to kick them to the curb once and for all.

Speaking of holidays, she has been so into all things fall and festive during the last few months. This was the first year that B was really into all things Halloween and Thanksgiving, and her level of excitement rubbed off on Alice.

They enjoyed pumpkin picking at Linvilla Orchards.

I swear–she was having fun!

And, they made quite the dynamic duo as a princess and her unicorn on Halloween. B was very dainty in her selection of candy at all of our stops. Alice, on the other hand, had no problem scooping up treats by the handful. Luckily, the neighbors thought she was cute.

…And, as soon as Thanksgiving was over they helped us get the house ready for Santa’s arrival later this month.

Alice picked this ornament for herself this year, and she was very sad to have the leave him on the tree! Tears followed shortly after this scene.

Getting into the holiday spirit!

Happy (belated) 20 and 21 month birthdays, Allie. You are really something else!


Alice: 19 months

These updates get later and later, but it finally happened: Alice is a few days into another month, and I’m just getting around to posting her update from the prior month. We did take these photos pretty much on time, though, so I’m sharing them anyway!

Allie’s language explosion continues, and this month, she’s started showing off her singing skills. Her favorite tunes are “Rock-A-Bye, Baby,” “Happy Birthday,” “The Alphabet Song” and “You Are My Sunshine.” She is also really good at filling in the blanks of her favorite stories, if I leave out a few words here and there. And, we like to have fun on car rides to work by getting her to repeat words that we say to her. Sometimes, we keep it simple and go with “bus”, “car” and other things we see along the way. Other times, I like to pick longer words like “stupendous” just to see what she’ll do with them. Her ability to pick up and parrot whatever she hears sometimes produces hilarious results, such as the other day when my mom was putting her into her high chair at lunch and Allie said “Nee-Nee, hungry, dammit.”

In terms of her personality, she’s still as dramatic as they come. When she is told no, or something else equally distasteful, she is prone to throwing herself on the floor, turning her back to everyone in the room and saying “Sleepy” to indicate her disagreement. In addition, she’s Little Miss Independent. She always tries to put on her own shoes and socks, can climb up on the kitchen counter stools and knows how to open the cabinet where we keep the snacks so that she can help herself to Goldfish crackers whenever she wants. It’s really crazy how much the second kid can pick up just by watching everyone around them—it’s the total opposite of B, who pretty much still has everything done for her.

Related to both of these things if that Allie’s favorite phrase lately is ” I don’t wanna.” This is particularly true when it comes to sitting on the potty lately. Then, once she finally gets on, she doesn’t want to get off. Basically, she makes her own rules, and wants to do things on her own time.

This month, we took our first road trip with both of the girls, and spent a long weekend soaking up fall colors in the Berkshires. Initially, I was worried that the the time in the car would be spent with lots of whining coming from the backseat, but both of the girls did really well with the long time spent on the road—it probably helped that we stopped for McDonald’s on the way there and back…you gotta do what you gotta do.

If I get around the finishing the trip photos anytime this decade, I’ll share more about the weekend. But, for now, here are a couple of my favorite Allie snaps!

Visiting alpacas at a farm

At a harvest festival

Happy 19 months, Allie girl! I love you more than pumpkin spice lattes.

Alice: 18 months

We had two milestone birthdays this past month, with B turning 4 and Allie turning 18 months. I’ll use that as an excuse for why this update is actually being posted on the day that A turns 19 months. The Second Child Syndrome really does get worse with each passing month.

This seemed to be a month where things happened in the blink of an eye. For example, she cut multiple teeth at once (we think she has 12 now, but it’s hard to count) and started to string three word sentences together practically overnight. It seems that both of these things have enhanced her love of food, as she can now chomp down on things like apples and carrots and can ask for “more broccoli, mama” at the dinner table.

(Lest you think she is a healthy eater all the time, she—and B—also discovered Kit-Kats this month and both of them are in love).

The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is achieving the status of being a diaper free household. But, potty training continues to go well, and I’m hopeful that we will be there soon!

At her 18 month doctor’s appointment, Allie weighed in at 24 pounds, 4.7 ounces and was 2 feet and 8 inches long. She is mostly wearing 24 months and some 2T clothing.

Allie’s favorite things this month include playing with her baby dolls, giving hugs to her sister, reading books in the car and riding her tricycle. Dislikes include being kept waiting for food, having her hair rinsed in the bathtub and socks. It was around the 18 month mark that we started to refer to B as “Bi-Polar Express” and this label seems to fit Alice as well.

There was a lot going on this month, and we went on quite a few adventures, as seen below:

Hunting for butterflies at Tyler Arboretum

Scarfing down cake at B’s 4th Birthday Party

Enjoying her first Phillies/Cubs game (we lasted one inning in the seats)

Double fisting apples at Linvilla

Happy 18 months to our Allie Girl! We love you more than Kit-Kat!

Alice: 17 Months

There is something so sweet about a little one who is hovering between the baby and toddler stage.

This is the stage of those first unsolicited and totally genuine hugs and kisses; the stage of increasing curiosity and wonder; the stage where even the tantrums are adorable; the stage where cheeks are still chubby enough that mama can’t help biting them.

Having experienced this stage of life with two kids, I can easily say that it is my favorite. This time around, though, brings the bittersweetness of knowing that this is the last time I’ll witness all of this with my own babies. I am trying to savor every second of this time between the end of A’s babyhood and her entry into toddlerhood, but she is not helping me because she seems to be doing everything even earlier and faster than her sister did.

Fortunately, she still loves to be held and cuddled. Sometimes, she’s pretty demanding about it, and although she weighs a ton, I usually give in. Often, she’ll yell, “Baby!” and she’ll arrange herself in my arms so that I’m cradling her, just like I did when she was a newborn. Then, just as quickly as the game started, she decides she wants to get down, and she’s off and running (literally) to the next thing.

This month, Allie’s became even more interested in the potty, and she’s even used it a couple of times!  Even when she doesn’t go, she loves the whole routine of sitting on it, using toilet paper, washing her hands and flushing. All the credit goes to my mom, who is the Potty Training Whisperer. Sorry, A and B, when it’s time to potty train your own kids, you are going to have to go ask Nee-Nee for help.

Her vocabulary seems to be exploding at the moment. She’s fully of questions, always asking “wha?” and “why?” and I particularly love the way she pronounces her name (“Al-di!”) and the word broccoli (“baa-key!”).

Speaking of broccoli, I would say that’s pretty much her favorite food right now, along with “mupp-ins” (muffins) and just about anything sweet—yes, both of my kids definitely take after me in that regard. She’s getting very good with using a fork and spoon, but still loves to slather yogurt all over her arms as if it’s lotion. So, if you are ever around us after lunch and wonder why she reeks of strawberry banana, that’s why.

Alice’s favorite things right now include the Teletubbies, singing and dancing, the Baby Lit version of Emma, her bumblebee backpack (a hand-me-down from B, naturally) and afternoons on the deck, where she blows bubbles, collects acorns and keeps watch for the neighborhood bunny.

I’m not sure if this is the stage where sibling rivalry is supposed to start (I don’t have time to Google this stuff anymore), but I’ve noticed that the “fights” between A and B have picked up a bit. If A has a toy, B immediately wants it, even if it’s a thing she hasn’t played with in months. If B is getting a bit of attention, A isn’t shy about loudly voicing her displeasure. Sometimes, I intervene, and other times I just let them go at it and work it out for themselves (My brother and I didn’t succeed in killing each other, despite our multiple attempts, so I have reason to believe that A and B won’t succeed in doing each other in, either). Still, if A is crying, B is usually the one who can make her feel better and if B is upset, Allie goes right up to her to offer a hug or a toy. It’s nice to see that they have each other’s backs already.

A’s been enjoying summer fun, both at home and otherwise:

Enjoying a snack at a birthday party

Scarfing up seconds of Uncle Billy’s plum tart

Visting the ancient dioramas at the Academy of Natural Sciences…

…and, making friends with a turtle

Zoo day!

All about that #decklife

Taking the new backyard swing set for a spin, nine hours after Daddy started the assembly

Happy 17 (almost 18!) months, Allie Girl! We love you more than mupp-ins!

Alice: 16 months


Since Allie will turn 17 months in just three days, this seems like a good time to post her 16 month update!

It’s hard to think about Allie without bringing up B, especially since Allie wants to do everything that “Bid-gee” does. B was pretty tolerant in the beginning, but now, screaming matches are a regular occurrence. It’s a toss up between who is the loudest person in the house at this point. At what point is it okay to lock myself in the bathroom, with earplugs, and just let them sort it out for themselves?

It doesn’t help that, like her sister, Allie seems to have entered the terrible twos, fashionably early. O-M-G. The tantrums. Not just a little tear here and there, but a full on, red-in-the-face, writhing on the floor meltdowns. It’s a sight to behold. Fortunately, she hasn’t had one of these incidents in public yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time.

Allie continues to add new words to her vocabulary. She can point to any name various body parts and even has some two sentence phrases, like “E-Go” which translates to “Here You Go!” She’s also started to call me mommy and the way she says it makes me weak in the knees. However, her most favorite words at the moment are poop, potty and pee-pee. I would like to think this means we’ll be ditching the diapers soon; she knows when she has a full diaper, but isn’t showing consistent interest in using the bathroom like a regular person—apparently, she just has a potty mouth.

Enjoying a visit to the Please Touch Museum on the 4th of July

Along the same lines, Allie’s current favorite thing to do is to flush the toilet repeatedly, so our water bill should be sky high this month. She also loves nose kisses, “reading” catalogs of any type, posing for photos with my phone (Cheeeeeese!” she says), and the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, blowing bubbles and playing with baby dolls. She seems to want to be carried more often than ever these days, and while I love the opportunity to snuggle her, she is getting pretty heavy (But, not being picked up is the source of many tantrums…see above).

Cruising along at the Zoo.

Her least favorite thing seems to be shoes, as she takes them off at the earliest opportunity—usually in the car, so she can chew on her toes…which is just super weird.

She got one more tooth this month and is using it to devour blueberries, watermelon and strawberries. It also seems like she is trying to transition from two naps a day to one, which is good because it will open up the days for us, and bad because it’s nice for B to get at least a couple of hours of one-on-one time during the day.

Happy (very belated) 16 months, Allie! We love you more than Fourth of July fireworks!

Alice: 15 months

At 15 months old, Allie is more outspoken than ever. She’s been loud from day one, but it seems to have escalated this month, as she and her sister compete to see who can yell the loudest. B usually starts things off with a high pitched shriek for no apparent reason, Alice follows suit, and then B corrects her with a stern “Allie, stop screaming!” Apparently, practice of siblings trying to get each other in trouble starts early.

Lately, she insists on holding something for her photos. This month, it was a Tiffany’s pouch. Starting her young!

At her most recent doctor’s appointment, Allie weighed in at just over 23 pounds and was a little over 2.5 feet tall. She’s got one more tooth poking through her bottom gum, which will bring her grand total to eight!

Alice understands everything, so it is fairly easy to communicate requests to do certain things, and not to not do others. This month, I’ve noticed that if we ask her a question, she’ll say “Um…” before replying, as if she is really considering all of the options. She picks up new words on a regular basis. My personal favorites are “Awwww!” (mostly reserved for pictures and videos of cats. She will love the Internet someday). “hun-gee!” (hungry), is “dit!” (sit, usually accompanied by a firm pounding on the chair for emphasis. She, herself, has also developed a fondness for sitting in grown-up chairs and on B’s bed, so we hear this request a lot).

Allie’s love of books continues to grow (and I love how she asks us to “ree!”). It’s still hard to get her to sit still for story time, but she will gladly go about her business of destroying the house while being read to, so I consider that a win. Her current favorites are “Goodnight Moon” and the Baby Lit edition of the “Wizard of Oz.” We recently took our first trip to the library and I wish that I had my video camera out to capture Allie’s delighted expression as she took in all the books.

Other favorite things include her “lubby” (lovey, which is her little giraffe blankie), playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie and hide-and-seek with her sister, dancing to “Pop Goes the Weasel,” humming songs to herself, flipping the light switches and slamming doors.

Other fun experiences this month included attending her first wedding (congratulations Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Mike!), celebrating B’s pre-k graduation and spending lots of time playing outside.

Wedding day for Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Mike!

On B’s move-up day, at the moment that B was about to break down because there was not a balloon for her. Alice asks for help escaping her sister’s wrath.

A visit to Tyler Arboretum. Photo credit to Auntie B.

At lunch after Tyler, where she ate all of Auntie B’s fries.

A Saturday afternoon playing outside, trying on her sister’s “hat.”

Happy 15 months Allie Girl! We love you more than bubbles on a summer day!

Alice: 14 Months

So, here’s a 14 month post that’s really more like a 15 month post because…second child syndrome.

Alice’s walking skills continue to improve. She’s learned how to bend her knees like a real human being, but she’s lost that Franken-Baby gait. She does this adorable thing where she walks with both hands behind her back like she’s an old Italian man surveying his tomato plants. It kills me.

Alice seemed to go from being pretty much uninterested in milk to being a total addict. When we first switched her over to it at a year, she sometimes would take only a few sips of it a day. All of a sudden, she can’t get enough of it. She’ll down a cup in five seconds flat and then hangs from the handle of the fridge, yelling “milk!” at the top of her lungs, in an attempt to get some more. New favorite foods this month include red peppers; least favorite foods include pork of any type. Alice has seven teeth now. It seems that things are speeding up in the teething department, so I’m projecting that she’ll have a full set by first grade.

One of the cutest things that Alice has learned over the last few weeks is the meaning of the word “yes.” I love the very deliberate way she will nod her head up and down in the affirmative when asked a question. New words include, “Digit” (Bridget) “bubble,” “boon” (balloon), whaaat?” (said exactly like that), “hair bow” (she always asks me to put one in her hair, for the sole purpose of pulling it off), “dis” (this) and “hab dis” (my favorite use of this is when she is walking around with a lovey in one hand a stuffed cat in the other and she shoves them into my hands so that she can grab her cup of milk).

Alice’s favorite book at the moment is “Huggy Kissy.” It’s a personal favorite of mine, too, because the baby in the book reminds me so much of A. She’s still in love with cats, and tries to feed those of the stuffed variety. She has a fondness for sticking magnets on the fridge and playing with the Water Wow book that the Easter Bunny left in her basket.

The craziest of cat ladies

Speaking of Easter, I don’t think that I shared any photos of Alice from that day, so here are a few!

It won’t be too long until Allie is 15 months, so I’ll be back with another (fashionably late) update soon.

Allie’s Winter One-derland

It’s been a couple of weeks since Allie’s first birthday party…but, I only just took the decorations down. So, I thought I might as well share a few photos of our baby girl’s big day!

Since Allie has a February birthday, I decided to go with a Winter One-derland theme. As soon as B heard about the theme, she asked me every day if it was “time for Allie’s wintery party?” That kid loves a good celebration!

I found an adorable invitation on Etsy, and set to work pulling together some pink and gold decor, which was a mix of DIY elements and repurposed Christmas decorations.

Some “in-progress” shots from the party prep

Chester was especially excited to spend an evening punching out a million little snowflakes for the garland, as seen above. And, since I hadn’t done anything remotely creative in forever, it felt good to pull out the glue gun again.

Everything all together, over the fireplace

A’s monthly photos and some of my after Christmas Target/Pier One finds

And, then, because the universe is hilarious, it was 73 degrees and sunny on the day of the festivities. I suppose this was fortunate, because I forgot to get tights to go with Allie’s tutu and onesie ensemble. At least her little legs weren’t cold!

For the food, we ordered hoagies and sides from Primos, but I did make some snowflake shaped sugar cookies and setup a hot chocolate bar with a variety of toppings. This slow cooker hot chocolate is my new favorite, mostly because the longer it sits, the thicker it becomes!

The centerpiece of the buffet was this amazing cake from Sweetbox Bakery. We had this cake for B’s second birthday and it’s now our go-to special occasion dessert. The cake itself is light and fluffy, and the icing is a combination of marscapone, cream cheese and, I assume, crack.

Allie was in a serious mood on the day of the party, due in part to some teething difficulties (which have yet to result in an additional teeth making their appearance). She didn’t let that get in the way of enjoying the sweets!

Slightly confused by the “Happy Birthday” serenade

I was especially excited that the party would provide an excuse to entertain in our new home. We would have never been able to fit 20 plus people in our old house. And, as a result, most of our family gatherings have either been at my mom’s or in the case of all of B’s birthdays, at an outside venue. I’m looking forward to filling our home with family and friends for years to come!

And, finally, what would a post about a first birthday be without sharing a few photos of Alice’s cake smash session with the talented April Ziegler

Not as pretty as our Sweetbox Cake, but I made it myself!

She was hesitant at first, and seemed unsure if she could touch the cake, let alone eat it…

But, I put a little icing on my finger and she quickly got the hang of it!

She certainly did not have the same tearful reaction that her sister did!

Allie loved this birthday crown, and I was so surprised that she kept it on for her photo shoot AND party!

Alice: 12 Months

I used to think that the first year of B’s life was the fastest one of mine…until these last 365 days.

Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to remember the details around Alice’s birth and it’s all a bit fuzzy. I was pretty mad that I had to be induced, feeling like I had somehow failed in some way because my blood pressure was out of control and my body couldn’t just do what it was supposed to on its own. I have a vague memory of watching reruns of Downton Abbey and repeatedly pushing the call button to summon the night time nurse every time it felt like my epidural was wearing off.

But, I clearly remember the moment that they laid her on my chest. Alice’s eyes locked on mine instantly, and it felt like we had known each other forever.

I loved her immediately.

But, bringing her home threw me for a loop. Those first few months were hard. While I was pregnant, other mothers told me how much easier it was for them to go from one to two kids. Not so, for me.

Knowing that Alice was going to be my last baby, I tried to soak in every bit of her newborn-ness, like I did with her sister. But, it turns out that’s a lot harder to do when said newborn cries almost continuously for the first five weeks of life and you are running up and down the steps with a potty train a 2.5 year old.

I remember my exact worst moment: standing in the kitchen, holding a wailing three-week old Alice, willing a bottle to just warm up faster god damn it, while an over tired B tugged on my pant leg while yelling “Mama, mama, mama” over and over again at top volume. All I could do was stare straight ahead and cry myself.

It took months for me to begin to feel like myself again and months after that to even begin to figure how to balance the demands of two tiny humans, along with all of the other things that life dishes out.

But, suddenly, one day, our new normal actually felt…well, normal. It was like she had always been in our lives.

And, before I knew it, it was February 18 again, and the littlest love of my life woke up as a one-year old. She is taking tentative baby steps, learning new words every day (her latest phrase is “good girl”) and getting bigger–in terms of size (21 pounds, 9.5 ounces and 2 and a half feet tall!) and personality–every day.

It’s hard to put into words all of the reasons that Alice is so special…but I’ll try:

Most days, it seems that no one loves life more than our Allie Girl. She smiles with her entire body, and when she laughs, her eyes crinkle so much that they are reduced to tiny little slits. When I’m having a down moment, all I have to do is think of her little face and I can’t help but laugh, too.

In spite of this extreme goofiness, she has a serious side. I frequently catch her in a daydream or intently studying her toys to figure out their inner workings. So, it seems that she’ll either be a stand-up comedian or an engineer.

A always seems to know when someone needs a hug, kiss, a laugh or a pat on the head (for her friends of the four-legged variety). I love how much she loves B. Just this morning, the two of them walked across the living room floor holding hands, and I was so happy because I know that no matter what happens in their lives they will always be each other’s “person.”

She has strong feelings, and she isn’t afraid to let you know about them. When she’s happy, she practically vibrates. When she’s pissed, it’s hard to tell the difference between her and the Hulk. She’s completely and totally herself.

I didn’t think it was possible to feel more love, joy and sense of purpose than I did when B came into our lives. And, then, along came Allie. She was the missing piece in the puzzle of our little family.

Happy Birthday, my Allie.

I’ll love you forever.

I’ll like you for always.

As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.