Alice: 22 and 23 Months

22 months

At this point, I think it goes without saying that I’ve done a pretty crappy job of keeping up with Alice’s updates. We take the photo pretty much on time ever month, but it gets harder and hard to find the time to put together the words that go with them. At least this time around, I can blame the craziness of the holiday season and subsequent hung over feeling that followed, right?

23 months and currently obsessed with dishtowels

Christmas was just so much fun this year, so that seems like a good place to start this post. Both of the girls were super into all things festive, from the decorations, to the movies (they can recite portions of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf and Frosty the Snowman from memory) to the songs, and we’ve got plenty of photos to prove it.
                                       Twinning with her big sis at Brunch with Santa at Drexel

Definitely wanted no parts of Santa or Mario the Dragon…

…Happy to eat all of the sugar, however.

Taking advantage of an early December snowfall to snap our Christmas card photos

“Mr. Ginch” was another seasonal obsession

Annual trip to Macy’s Center City for the Light Show…I promise they were happy about it!Teamwork to make Santa’s cookies

Twinning again on Christmas Eve
Still half asleep, surveying Christmas morning spoils

Hanging out in one of their joint gifts from Santa, a princess tent

Technically, a gift from Santa, to B. But, they are both enjoying the world of Calico Critters

Christmas is exhausting for all involved. Good thing Tracy got a new bed to lounge on.

Her (and her sister’s) smile is the best gift ever!

One of the things that I love most about Allie lately is her hair. I had begun to think that it was never going to start growing out, but in the last couple of months, it has finally become long enough to style. Doesn’t she look just like Boo from Monsters, Inc?!

Allie’s current obsessions include babies (she loves interacting with them, although she’s very clear that she does not want a baby brother or sister to join her at home) food (eating it, and talking about it. If you ask her what any of her stuffed animals are named, chances are she’ll tell you carrot, pizza or something similar), and sleep. We’ve been lucky that both of our girls have been good night time sleepers, but Alice also loves to sleep in, in the mornings, or take two hour-plus afternoon naps. She loves to sleep with the covers over her head, and she is none to happy if we have to pull them off her to rouse her from a slumber.

Alice’s flair for the dramatic and for telling people exactly what’s on her mind seems to become more pronounced as she gets older, too. She can keep up with just about any conversation, and I love when she chimes in from the backseat of the car when the people in front are talking about absolutely nothing that relates to her at all–she just has to have something to say. She has picked up some of her sister’s snappy comebacks and propensity for turning on her heel and throwing a “Bye!” over her shoulder at us if we ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do or tell her something that she doesn’t want to hear.


She is also becoming Little Miss Independent. She tries to do a lot for herself, like taking off/putting on her own clothes, opening the bathroom door, brushing her teeth and carrying ten times her own weight in toys. She isn’t always successful, but I do love that she is so determined!

How is she already doing the big girl swings?!

For the most part, Alice and B get along like the best of friends, although now that their interests in toys and activities are pretty similar, they have their fair share of clashes over who has to share what. Mostly, I just let them work it out for themselves and only intervene in their disagreements if it looks like things might end in bloodshed. So far, this seems to have worked out pretty well. And, it is a beautiful thing that they will mostly play nicely together and don’t need to rely on me for 100 percent of their entertainment.

Next time you hear about Alice, she’ll be TWO. I couldn’t decide on a party theme, so I wrote my ideas on scraps of paper and let her pick it out of a bowl. I’m pretty happy with where we ended up, and I think she will be, too!

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