Alice: 20 and 21 Months

20 months

The plus side about these posts being so far behind is that I have lots of fun photos of the last couple of months to share! The worst part is that someday Alice will compare the painstaking level of detail with which I chronicled her sister’s every move and  will wonder why I could barely even keep track of the number of teeth that she had at any given time, resorting to sweeping generalizations like “several.”

But, I digress.

Last time around, I noted how Alice’s favorite phrase is “I don’t wanna.” She’s super coordinated, so now she’s able to pair that statement with the ability to run pretty fast, so things like getting her dressed in the morning are an Olympic sport.

Her strategy for avoiding me seems to be to back herself into a corner, which as you can imagine, doesn’t work out so well.

21 months

Like, just about everything in life, this reduces her to tears. I really thought that once her communication skills were more established she wouldn’t be so dramatic. But, that has not been the case at all. Sometimes, I just throw up my hands and say “Do you ever stop crying?” To which B usually offers a resounding “No!”, on her sister’s behalf.

The good part about her emotional nature, I suppose, is that she already seems to be a pretty empathetic little person. If B is crying, Alice is the first to stop what she is doing, pat B on the arm and say “Bid-gee cry? It’s okay, Bid-gee.”

Other phrases in heavy rotation for her this month include “Mommy (or daddy, or Bidgee)! Look!” and  “Oh my God!” which she often uses in the appropriate context. She also may be part ninja, because try as I might to stealthily sneak some chocolate out of the cabinet from time to time, it never fails that I’ll find her standing behind me as I close the cabinet, asking “Whatcha eatin’, mama?”

I love that she has also discovered how to whisper, although most of the time she does it for no good reason…and that’s probably what makes it so completely adorable. She has also been working hard on learning the alphabet, how to count up to ten and colors.

Monkey see, monkey do.

We continue to do well on the potty training front, and she has racked up many days of dry pants at this point. Still, we aren’t ready to declare the house a diaper free zone, but I’m hoping some of our extra time off around the holidays will allow us to kick them to the curb once and for all.

Speaking of holidays, she has been so into all things fall and festive during the last few months. This was the first year that B was really into all things Halloween and Thanksgiving, and her level of excitement rubbed off on Alice.

They enjoyed pumpkin picking at Linvilla Orchards.

I swear–she was having fun!

And, they made quite the dynamic duo as a princess and her unicorn on Halloween. B was very dainty in her selection of candy at all of our stops. Alice, on the other hand, had no problem scooping up treats by the handful. Luckily, the neighbors thought she was cute.

…And, as soon as Thanksgiving was over they helped us get the house ready for Santa’s arrival later this month.

Alice picked this ornament for herself this year, and she was very sad to have the leave him on the tree! Tears followed shortly after this scene.

Getting into the holiday spirit!

Happy (belated) 20 and 21 month birthdays, Allie. You are really something else!


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