Alice: 19 months

These updates get later and later, but it finally happened: Alice is a few days into another month, and I’m just getting around to posting her update from the prior month. We did take these photos pretty much on time, though, so I’m sharing them anyway!

Allie’s language explosion continues, and this month, she’s started showing off her singing skills. Her favorite tunes are “Rock-A-Bye, Baby,” “Happy Birthday,” “The Alphabet Song” and “You Are My Sunshine.” She is also really good at filling in the blanks of her favorite stories, if I leave out a few words here and there. And, we like to have fun on car rides to work by getting her to repeat words that we say to her. Sometimes, we keep it simple and go with “bus”, “car” and other things we see along the way. Other times, I like to pick longer words like “stupendous” just to see what she’ll do with them. Her ability to pick up and parrot whatever she hears sometimes produces hilarious results, such as the other day when my mom was putting her into her high chair at lunch and Allie said “Nee-Nee, hungry, dammit.”

In terms of her personality, she’s still as dramatic as they come. When she is told no, or something else equally distasteful, she is prone to throwing herself on the floor, turning her back to everyone in the room and saying “Sleepy” to indicate her disagreement. In addition, she’s Little Miss Independent. She always tries to put on her own shoes and socks, can climb up on the kitchen counter stools and knows how to open the cabinet where we keep the snacks so that she can help herself to Goldfish crackers whenever she wants. It’s really crazy how much the second kid can pick up just by watching everyone around them—it’s the total opposite of B, who pretty much still has everything done for her.

Related to both of these things if that Allie’s favorite phrase lately is ” I don’t wanna.” This is particularly true when it comes to sitting on the potty lately. Then, once she finally gets on, she doesn’t want to get off. Basically, she makes her own rules, and wants to do things on her own time.

This month, we took our first road trip with both of the girls, and spent a long weekend soaking up fall colors in the Berkshires. Initially, I was worried that the the time in the car would be spent with lots of whining coming from the backseat, but both of the girls did really well with the long time spent on the road—it probably helped that we stopped for McDonald’s on the way there and back…you gotta do what you gotta do.

If I get around the finishing the trip photos anytime this decade, I’ll share more about the weekend. But, for now, here are a couple of my favorite Allie snaps!

Visiting alpacas at a farm

At a harvest festival

Happy 19 months, Allie girl! I love you more than pumpkin spice lattes.

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