Alice: 17 Months

There is something so sweet about a little one who is hovering between the baby and toddler stage.

This is the stage of those first unsolicited and totally genuine hugs and kisses; the stage of increasing curiosity and wonder; the stage where even the tantrums are adorable; the stage where cheeks are still chubby enough that mama can’t help biting them.

Having experienced this stage of life with two kids, I can easily say that it is my favorite. This time around, though, brings the bittersweetness of knowing that this is the last time I’ll witness all of this with my own babies. I am trying to savor every second of this time between the end of A’s babyhood and her entry into toddlerhood, but she is not helping me because she seems to be doing everything even earlier and faster than her sister did.

Fortunately, she still loves to be held and cuddled. Sometimes, she’s pretty demanding about it, and although she weighs a ton, I usually give in. Often, she’ll yell, “Baby!” and she’ll arrange herself in my arms so that I’m cradling her, just like I did when she was a newborn. Then, just as quickly as the game started, she decides she wants to get down, and she’s off and running (literally) to the next thing.

This month, Allie’s became even more interested in the potty, and she’s even used it a couple of times!  Even when she doesn’t go, she loves the whole routine of sitting on it, using toilet paper, washing her hands and flushing. All the credit goes to my mom, who is the Potty Training Whisperer. Sorry, A and B, when it’s time to potty train your own kids, you are going to have to go ask Nee-Nee for help.

Her vocabulary seems to be exploding at the moment. She’s fully of questions, always asking “wha?” and “why?” and I particularly love the way she pronounces her name (“Al-di!”) and the word broccoli (“baa-key!”).

Speaking of broccoli, I would say that’s pretty much her favorite food right now, along with “mupp-ins” (muffins) and just about anything sweet—yes, both of my kids definitely take after me in that regard. She’s getting very good with using a fork and spoon, but still loves to slather yogurt all over her arms as if it’s lotion. So, if you are ever around us after lunch and wonder why she reeks of strawberry banana, that’s why.

Alice’s favorite things right now include the Teletubbies, singing and dancing, the Baby Lit version of Emma, her bumblebee backpack (a hand-me-down from B, naturally) and afternoons on the deck, where she blows bubbles, collects acorns and keeps watch for the neighborhood bunny.

I’m not sure if this is the stage where sibling rivalry is supposed to start (I don’t have time to Google this stuff anymore), but I’ve noticed that the “fights” between A and B have picked up a bit. If A has a toy, B immediately wants it, even if it’s a thing she hasn’t played with in months. If B is getting a bit of attention, A isn’t shy about loudly voicing her displeasure. Sometimes, I intervene, and other times I just let them go at it and work it out for themselves (My brother and I didn’t succeed in killing each other, despite our multiple attempts, so I have reason to believe that A and B won’t succeed in doing each other in, either). Still, if A is crying, B is usually the one who can make her feel better and if B is upset, Allie goes right up to her to offer a hug or a toy. It’s nice to see that they have each other’s backs already.

A’s been enjoying summer fun, both at home and otherwise:

Enjoying a snack at a birthday party

Scarfing up seconds of Uncle Billy’s plum tart

Visting the ancient dioramas at the Academy of Natural Sciences…

…and, making friends with a turtle

Zoo day!

All about that #decklife

Taking the new backyard swing set for a spin, nine hours after Daddy started the assembly

Happy 17 (almost 18!) months, Allie Girl! We love you more than mupp-ins!

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