30 Weeks.

In Seattle, around 26 weeks. I keep meaning to take weekly pictures and failing.

In Seattle, around 26 weeks. I keep meaning to take weekly pictures and failing.

Back in the day, when I was making all of my grand plans for my life, I decided that the best time to get pregnant would be between late May and mid-June. That way, I could have a Pisces baby (one of the ideal matches for a Scorpio mom) and I could avoid being heavily pregnant in the summer.

Well, you know, best laid plans and all of that…

In general, summer is not my favorite time of year. It should go without saying that I’m enjoying it even less than usual this year. Now that I’ve been incubating this (Virgo) baby for 30 weeks, I’ve realized that nothing about pregnancy is particularly comfortable. But, the heat, humidity and rain that we have been having lately hasn’t really helped.

Remember how great I felt during the second trimester?  Well, as soon as I hit the third, it was as though someone flipped a switch and all of that extra energy I had vanished completely. I feel completely exhausted, huge, hot and cranky most of the time. The latter feeling is at its most acute when random people touch my belly and/or look at me sympathetically and tell me that summer is such a rough time to be pregnant. Um, really?

At least I have a great excuse to lounge in the air conditioning while eating ice cream (which, honestly, is pretty much the only thing I feel like eating lately). I try to keep myself busy, though, or else I end up in a two-hour Google search spiral, in which I overdose on horrific childbirth stories. Some things really are better left unknown.

Luckily, it seems like I may have entered the nesting phase already, as there is nothing I enjoy more lately than organizing things around the house. I feel particularly accomplished when I shred or throw things away, because I feel like I’m making all of this room for all the baby accoutrements that will soon be overtaking my home. Seriously, how can tiny humans need so much stuff?

Along those lines, Chester and I have started to make some progress on nursery projects. He has been working on some furniture refinishing and is endlessly patient with me as I continue to change my mind almost daily about the paint color and linens. Meanwhile, the furniture and some of the decor has started to arrive, and I made this adorable map letter to hang on the wall.


As for ET, she’s big enough now that breathing is a challenge. Pretty much the only time I can do so comfortably is when I’m standing, laying on my left side or sitting with my arms above my head. For the past couple of weeks, she’s been performing a one-woman version of Cirque du Soliel from the moment I wake up in the morning until the moment I lay down in bed at night. I like the constant reminder that she’s doing alright in there and am alternately amazed and creeped out when her little hand or foot makes my whole belly ripple.

As impatient as I am to meet our baby girl in person, I need her to stay put for the next 10 weeks so that we can check a few more items off our to-do list. If that means I need to slog through July and August with my arms above my head all day, then so be it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a carton of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the freezer, and I can just hear it calling my name.



  1. kellybakes says:

    I’ve been behind on my blog reading so I missed this wonderful news. Congratulations!!

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