Guess What?

Confession: I am terrible at keeping secrets.

So, it’s been killing me for the last couple of months that I’ve had kind of a big one that I’ve been keeping under wraps.

So, without further adieu (drumroll, please)…


Chester and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a baby! Our new addition will arrive on or about September 8th.

I spent the majority of the first trimester worrying about everything, consulting Google for all kinds of worst-case scenarios, battling all day queasiness and aversions to most foods. The latter problem is why I’ve been a bit absent from this little corner of the Internet. I didn’t think it would interest you all to know that around 6 weeks in, I almost murdered someone for a Quarter Pounder and a milkshake from McDonald’s and how from about 7 weeks to the present all I’ve really been able to stomach have been Cheez-Its and chocolate milk.

I’m told that the second trimester is a bit easier and I’m hoping that that is the case. Mostly, so that I can incorporate some real food back into my diet and I don’t have to worry about my baby being born with a slightly orange hue. But, at least then I’ll have my own cautionary tale to share on those crazy pregnancy message boards.

Regardless, we are ridiculously excited about starting our family and I look forward to sharing a bit more about what is to come with you all. I get creeped out when I see ultrasound pictures and belly shots on social media or the Internet, so I won’t be posting any of those. But, I will leave you with this visual of what our little one looked like when I saw him/her for the first time during an ultrasound around six weeks:


Yes, for those of us who are children of the 1980s, that’s ET from the Atari video game. And, for the moment, that’s our little one’s nickname. I’ve gotten so used to calling him/her that, though, that I have a feeling it’s going to stick.


  1. Lauren, I am so pleased to hear your exciting news!! When you can enjoy eating again and Spring finally arrives let’s plan to meet for lunch.
    Take it easy my friend!


  2. Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you & Chester!!!

  3. Ahh! Congrats! Excited for you!

    • Thank you, KP! You can feel free to put a list together of everything I need to know to survive the first year. I’ve never even changed a diaper.

  4. Babette says:

    That is so cute my son’s nick name is also ET because when he was born he had long fingers and feet and toes. He still does and its 14 years later. Congratulations again I am so happy for you and Chester. And your little one might have a love of cheez its and chocolate milk when they arrive and can eat solids. My son loves Italian which is all he allowed me to eat when I was pregnant. 🙂

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