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Little B: 21 Months


The only decent photo of her sitting in her chair this month. Poor Glo Worm.

I am pleased to report that we all survived B’s first international trip and had a fabulous time in Ireland! Yes, there was jet lag, a few tears and a refusal to eat anything but cheese crackers for the first several days (some of those things applied to all three of us), but I am so glad that we made the trip. This was definitely the highlight of our month, and I have plenty more to share about our experience in this and a few future posts!



This is pretty much how the rest of the shoot went.

Aside from her first passport stamp, B also cut one more tooth (a bottom incisor) and judging from the amount of time she spends chewing on her hands lately, I’m pretty sure she is starting to work on her two year molars.

She is now also a forward facing baby in the car. We turned her seat around in our little rental car in Ireland, because her legs would have been tremendously squished otherwise. She seemed to love being able to see what was going on out the front window, so we just re-installed facing front when we got home.



I asked her to wink at me.

B is still pretty wary around unfamiliar people, but she also seems genuinely curious about them. She tends to stare down people (and, especially, other little kids), and she’ll wave at them if they aren’t looking. But, the minute they acknowledge her, she’ll revert to shyness. It seems that just wants to engage with people on her own terms—I suppose she’s a bit like her mama in that way.

On a related note, separation anxiety seems to be at an all time high this month. Some days, it’s so bad that even me sitting right next to her isn’t enough to keep her from completely freaking out! It’s a good thing I don’t remember who it was that told me that separation anxiety gets a bit better after 18 months. I would probably punch them in the throat for lying to me.



She cracks herself up quite a bit these days.

Aside from picking up new words left and right, she is getting more expressive, in general. “Wow”, “Yay!” and Uh-oh!” are some of her new favorite phrases.

Favorite things


She loved the experience of riding in elevators and on the airplane during our travels. While on the plane, she said “Airplane! Wowwwww!” over and over again as she viewed the activity taking place outside the airport windows and on the runway. Fortunately, she was so, so good while we were in the air as well. She slept most of the way there and part of the way back, much to the relief and delight of all passengers involved. The airplane obsession continues now that we have arrived back home. She’ll point at the sky and shout “airplane!”at random, and she has been favoring picture books and stories in which they are a prominent feature.

Sunglasses are her new favorite accessory. She sported her sparkly pink shades everywhere that we went and was the talk of the town!

Blowing bubbles, coloring and playing with stickers continue to be favorite activities. She continues to love the swings at the park and is getting to be a pro on the “big kid” slide This past month, my mom and aunt have started introducing her to Disney movies and she is a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh.

Favorite songs

“The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers”


Still pretty picky. Although, while we were on the trip she did try a few new things, including muesli (which I’m surprised that she loved!), scones and Nutella (not surprised that she loved either of those things).

Least favorite things

Being “redirected” from a particular activity before she is ready to let it go never fails to induce a meltdown; when the smoke detector in the kitchen goes off.

Fun experiences

Ireland, obviously! This was the perfect choice for our vacation because the flight was short and the destination offered activities that all of us could enjoy. We kept the itinerary light on the museums and tours and spent most of our time wandering through small towns and driving through the countryside.

Fortunately, B loves being outside, looking at the water and seeing live animals and there were plenty of opportunities for her to do just that. The other nice thing about Ireland is that the people are just so lovely. They never once gave us the side eye when we brought B into a restaurant or shop. Instead, they made a fuss over her and went out of their way to make sure we had a high chair and a place to store the stroller while we ate.

As I said, there was a adjustment period for all of us during the first few days of the trip. B was out of sorts because of the time change, unfamiliar foods and new routine, in general. And, Chester and I had to let go of the way that we usually travel, which involves packing as much as possible into a day (conversely, we packed more than ever in our luggage. Between the clothes, car seat, stroller, snacks and items to keep B occupied, we ended up with seven bags on this trip!), in favor of making sure that B was well fed and that there was time for her to nap in the car between stops. But, we all a bit more settled within a few days…by which point it was almost time to pack up and go home, of course!

I am glad that we had the opportunity (made possible in part by the frequent flyer and favorable exchange rate gods) to take this trip now. I don’t think that if a second kid comes along we will want to deal with all of the extra stress (and, probably, extra baggage) that would come with a big trip like this. Of course, I also said that I wouldn’t travel with a kid until it could drag its own suitcase through the airport and we all know that I broke that rule before B turned one!

It was definitely nice for all of us to have a change of scenery and I will carry such fond memories with me forever of what it was like to experience the world through B’s eyes on this trip. Seeing her face light up as she chased the ducks at a park, watched tour busses roll down the highway, tasted sticky toffee pudding for the first time, strolled down the street while proudly carrying a balloon in one hand and enjoyed countless other new experiences for the first time was absolutely priceless to me. I hope that she’ll always have a desire to see the world and that doing so will always bring her the same kind of joy.

Until I get a chance to sort through the photos I took on the trip using my real camera, enjoy some of these favorites from my Instagram feed.



Jet-lagged at Dublin Castle on the first day of our trip.


At Blarney Castle, where only one of us kissed the stone.


Rollin’ with her homies


Our final stop, in Galway

Little B: 20 Months


20 months in, and I’m continuing with my trend of being fashionably late with B’s monthly updates. Work has been getting in the way of the rest of my life lately. Luckily, vacation is on the horizon!


Nothing really from a developmental  perspective, but I spent my first full weekend away from home since B was born, which I would consider a pretty big deal for all of us. I missed her like crazy, but she got to spend some quality time with her Daddy! When they picked me up from the airport, B refused to look at me when I got in the car. But, after a few moments and some smooches, she was all smiles again.


Hanging out at the park during Daddy-Daughter weekend


In general, B likes to be busy, but has a nice balance between being active and quiet. Sometimes, she is all over the place, climbing on chairs and running through the house. But, she also seems equally happy coloring or reading a book.


She calls me “mommy” on occasion and it melts my heart. She has started to say short phrases, like “under there” when her ball or a crayon rolls under the couch and “I got it!” on the occasions that she saves the item from slipping away. Although the pronunciation isn’t totally clear, we know what she means! I’m still anxious for her to really start talking because the whining—oh my god, the whining—gets under my skin in the worst way sometimes!


She can be sassy—we’ve had more than a few eye rolls at the dinner table in recent weeks! She gets embarrassed if she gets in trouble for something, though, often hiding her face or running into a corner when she gets corrected for something.


Looking a bit too much like a teenager!

Favorite Things

Shopping—she loves picking out clothes; looking out the window; being outside; taking selfies; her jumperoo (yes, still); flash cards (she has a set of alphabet and number flash cards at my mom’s that she really likes to look at. She always pulls out the card that features a cat with a blue balloon for some reason); stickers; yoga poses–we say “yoga baby” to her and she goes into downward dog; putting her laundry in the basket; waving to cars and trucks as they go by.


All jumped out…for now.


We love a morning selfie session

Favorite Songs

Still singing and dancing up a storm! She loves the Wild Kratts theme song and The Hot Dog Dance from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves saying “bye-bye” to her favorite TV shows when the credits start to roll.

Favorite Books

Nothing really new this month!

Least Favorite Things

Still doesn’t like to have her hair done. Unfortunately for her, we have recently discovered that she looks absolutely adorable in pigtails, so there is no escaping the hair brush and barrettes!


The pigtails kill me!


She is a big fan of spaghetti and meatballs lately, and any little toddler-friendly treats like cheese crackers and puffs.

Fun Experiences

Easter festivities were fun this year! B enjoyed her Easter basket immensely. I painstakingly picked out the coloring books and other items included in it, and at the last minute added a bubble wand that cost less than a $1 at Target, which of course, ended up being her favorite item in the basket.


In the dress she picked out herself

She also had a date day with Jack at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. I hadn’t been to the aquarium since an 8th grade class trip and was actually pretty cool! We all enjoyed the shark tank and the hippos.




Do you see this, guys?!”

When I update you next, B will have added her first stamp to her passport—we are packing our bags and leaving for Ireland at the end of the week. I am curious/anxious to see how she does on her first international flight and how she copes with jet lag. Wish us all luck!