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20 Weeks Down, 20 Weeks to Go


This baby is spoiled already.

This past week, I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy. In another 20 weeks or so, it won’t be “just the two of us” anymore. We’ll have a tiny human being depending on us for everything. Obviously, I’m thrilled and scared out of my mind at the same time.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling pretty good. I have a bit of my energy back and have not had to deal with many of the more unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that I’ve read about.  I realize I still have to get through the summer months, which I’m told can be a pretty rough time to be pregnant. But for now, I feel pretty lucky that things have been going so well and that I have been feeling like my old self most days.

Of course, I still have moments of panic that I’ve sneezed too hard, moved the wrong way, eaten something I should not have or inadvertently done any number of other things that the Internet tells me could cause some sort of damage to an unborn baby. Luckily, ET has been giving me frequent little kicks over the last few weeks, which I interpret as reassurance that I’m providing an adequate home for him/her so far.

My biggest challenge recently has been my wardrobe. I haven’t gained that much weight so far, but my regular clothes are getting snug and the maternity clothes are still at bit too big. Target’s dresses and the Gap’s maternity jeans are my new best friends. I actually wouldn’t mind living in the latter for the next four months, since they are so comfortable. Honestly, I might never go back to zippers and buttons again.

We started our registry last weekend and I’m surprised that my head didn’t explode in the middle of Buy Buy Baby. I had no idea there were so many options to choose from for strollers and car seats, many of them with price tags of $1000 and up (I’m pretty sure that my car isn’t even worth that much at this point). A very knowledgeable staff member helped us pick a lovely travel system that I can actually fold and unfold with minimal assistance. Then, we scanned a swing and a couple of other random items. By then, we were overwhelmed and decided to call it a day and finish the rest online at our leisure. Then, we hightailed it over to the Dairy Queen at the Cherry Hill Mall. Good decisions all around.

Yesterday, we had our anatomy scan. I held my breath until the doctor said that everything looked perfect (obviously, this baby is already taking after its mother) and that ET was growing right on schedule. ET was totally adorable, moving his/her little hands around the entire time and sucking his/her thumb.

And, we learned that ET is a…


NOT an alien! Hooray!

Seriously, though. ET is a…


I’m not entirely surprised. I sort of had a feeling about it and have been referring to ET as “she” and “her” for the past several months. I’m glad to know that I haven’t confused her. Although I’ve promised myself that I won’t go overboard with all things pink and ruffled, I am excited to buy a few of the cute dresses, hats and toys that I’ve had my eye on over the last few months.

All of a sudden, everything seems more real. Good thing, too, because I have a feeling that these next 20 weeks are going to fly by.

Restaurant Review: Crepes at Beau Monde

As of yesterday, I’m 18 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, ET has been giving me a relatively easy time of things.

On the plus side, he/she has been moving around like crazy over the last few days (particularly on Saturday night when I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert), which is cool and creepy at the same time. In two weeks, we’ll have our anatomy scan, so we’ll be able to find out the gender of our little alien baby. I’ve been feeling a bit more energetic and my crazy food aversions seem have calmed down a bit (although I’m still loving avocados and cannot stand even the thought of Chinese food).

Sadly, I’ve also learned that pregnancy brain is not a myth. I can’t seem to focus on a particular task for more that three minutes at a time, my memory is just about shot (I stared into the refrigerator for a good two minutes the other day before I realized that we don’t keep the forks in there), and I find that I can barely string two coherent sentences together. So, while I want to write about all of the things I’m doing, and of course, eating, it’s challenging at the moment.

So, I’ll just let this picture do the talking for me:


That mixed berry and lemon curd crepe from Beau Monde was one of the highlights of my weekend. The menu at this adorable little spot on the corner of 6th and Bainbridge in Queen Village, features a variety of French specialities, from French onion soup, pates, and steak au poivre, but crepes are the main attraction.

You can choose from pre-designed sweet or savory crepes or come up with your own combinations from a seemingly endless menu that includes meats, cheeses, fruits, sauces, ice creams and sorbets. I recommend sticking to one flavor profile, but now that I think about it, the ability to combine sweet and savory could be some pregnant gal’s dream. (Not this pregnant gal, though).

The owners have imported traditional crepe cooking implements, including flat, round cast iron griddles, to produce light, flavorful crepes that are exactly like what I remember from my trip to France two years ago. Beau Monde has a wraparound patio with outdoor seating, making it an ideal spot for a casual brunch or romantic dinner during the warmer months.

And, that’s about all I can remember right now. Oh well. It gives me a good excuse to go back for another crepe.